Piedra de Agua Fuente Termal y Spa

Located 10 minutes outside the city of Cuenca — Ecuador, Piedra de Agua — Hot Springs and Spa offers an exclusive array of THERMAL-VOLCANIC services.

Located 10 minutes outside the city of CuencaEcuador, Piedra de Agua — Hot Springs and Spa offers an exclusive array of THERMAL-VOLCANIC services.

  • Underground Thermal Baths: A magical place carved inside the heart of the volcano. Our underground immediate contrast baths (hot - cold — hot water) rapidly open and close the body's pores turning the event into a real CUTANEOUS GYMANSTICS event with multiple benefits for the skin, muscles and nervous system.
  • Thermal water pools with immediate contrast baths: miraculous waters loaded with minerals and other components with relaxing and health properties.
  • Massage Caves: carved inside our thermal mountain. Rustic, vaporized, magic. Steam Baths: especially healthy for the breathing, muscu-lar and nervous systems.
  • Steam-box Baths: concentrated steam, fat reducing intense, relaxing.
  • Volcanic Red Mud Baths: Iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese, potassium, zinc and sodium act as natural peeling, anti-wrinkle and skin fat reducing agents, slowing down the natural aging process, revitalizing and strengthening the skin.
  • Volcanic Blue Mud Baths: Thanks to its components that include quartz, gold silver and copper, blue mud counters skin dryness and dehydration thus preventing aging and leaving users' skin soft and smooth. Treatments with this type of mud contribute to skin rejuvenation. Quartz which appears in small fragments that can be felt throughout our mud is the only mineral that once it receives an impulse, it vibrates indefinitely as if it had enemy of its own. When properly applied to the boo especially in the head and neck area, quartz promotes equilibrium and mental healing.
  • Japanes Pool with immediate Constrast Baths: a space to rest in medicinal thermal waters, adult accessible only.
  • Nudist Solarium: A private area especially built to accom-modate the requests of our international guests seeking a high altitude solar experience (2500 meters above sea
  • Libelula Restaurant: healthy food, pure environment. Relaxing music, rain-type showers, walking pathways, gardens, chaise lounges, resting terrace...