The archaeological sites in the Shalo, Barishigua, Huasipamba, Mirador hills and in the foothills of Mollepongo, mining areas, folklore and natural monuments are the best excuse to visit the province of Azuay

The canton Pucará is located south of the province of Azuay, 121 kilometers away from Cuenca and from the Terrestrial Terminal of that city, tourists can take a bus from the two transport cooperatives that provide service to the canton: Santa Isabel and Pucareñas .      

Cantonization of Pucará : July 25 

Pucara meaning in Kichwa Red Fort 

Pucará limits

  • North and east with the Santa Isabel Canton;    
  • Northwest with Camilo Ponce Enriquez Canton  
  • South with Canton Zaruma and Uzhcurrumi of Canton Passage    
  • West with El Guabo Canton  
  • Southwest with the Canton Passage 

Gastronomy in Pucará

The typical food of Pucará, is very well represented by the Guinea Pig, Tortillas, Tostado which is a type of roasted corn, typical of the Sierra. It is served with seafood dishes such as ceviches. 

Canton Pucará tourist attractions:

 The San José de la Betania lagoon, a natural attraction ideal for fishing; 

  • The Stone of the Lovers
  • The Mesarrumi and Verdecocha lagoons, spaces that offer a panoramic view of the impressive Andean moorland;  
  • Strange Rocks
  • The Stone Hat, named for its shape. 
  • Another attraction is the Piedras de Picota, a space full of legends about a woman in white who was flying. 
  • The Devil's Cave, located inside a Quinoas forest. 
  • In this area, the last attraction is Cerro Shalo, a rare natural beauty admired by locals and visitors that identifies the town of Pucará. The slopes of the hill Shalo are formed by shrubby and herbaceous vegetation, the rosemary moorland, is the most common. It is one of the best viewpoints of the Pucará cantonal center. 
  • Pucará has medical services, food establishments and a hotel.
  • To camp or spend the night in the area of natural attractions, you must first consult, in the municipality, the precautions to be taken.
  • Laguna Nariguiña It is a lagoon located in the parish San Rafael de Sharug   
  • Archaeological Ruins of the Huasipamba Viewpoint.
  • Quinoa Lagoon.
  • Angel Montes Archaeological Museum.

Pucará popular parties

  • Among the most important holidays there is  the Cantonization of Pucará, which took place on July 25. It is the opportunity to promote the canton tourism, since by that date the Municipality schedules social, sports, cultural and religious events.  
  • The civic - student - military parade and the solemn session are planned with the participation of the canton’s inhabitants, local, provincial, regional and national authorities.
  • Festivities of the Virgin of the Rosary.

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