Arrayanes Forest

This forest is also known as Santa Martha de Cuba, it is a passing habitat for migratory birds. Visit this perfect place to do ecotourism in San Gabriel, Ecuador.

Arrayanes Forest Ecuador

Bosque “Los Arrayanes” - Santa Martha De Cuba

Forest “Los Arrayanes” - Santa Martha De Cuba

Located 11 km away from San Gabriel, a favorite place for  Ecotourism lovers, forest with an extension of 10 hectares of the arrayán species, reddish trunk tree and thick foliage, the cups form a vault in it you can breathe. An atmosphere of peace and quiet for which this site is known as "The Cathedral". 

How to get there?

It is located at an approximate distance of 1.2 kilometers northwest of the parish head of the populated center, reaching an area of 2.5 hectares, this is a small remnant of the arrayanes forest reaching an estimated 497 trees, each specimen reaches a height of 20 meters.

What should you know?

This magical place of leafy trees, contains self-guided paths that take us to the depths of the forest, where the natural representation tells the story of the Cuban people, in which you can observe trees that are more than 300 years old, housing great diversity, such as arrayanes, distemper, curl, albacerrín, blackberry, chilca, reeds and more. There is also a great variety of insects, bees, abyss, furry flies with yellow legs and white legs, as well as playful squirrel, which is part of the richness of the forest  as the emblematic and winning species in the Province of Carchi. Forestry has become the rest of migratory birds, and the refuge of wild animals.  

This majestic place is found just 10 minutes walk from the populated center, and it should be noted that it is a protected area. On the road we find some orchids, and the net route of this place is about 2 hours, and has bathrooms and swings


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