Chimborazo volcano

Chimborazo is the highest volcano in Ecuador and the closest point to the sun Around the world, adventure and nature wait for you, discover your location, how to get there, climate, biodiversity and everything about tourism.

Chimborazo, the furthest point from the Center of the Earth

Chimborazo is the highest volcano and mountain in Ecuador and is part of the Interandina or highland Region , with 6,268 meters above sea level.

One of Riobamba's best known tourist places is the Chimborazo volcano, ideal for mountaineers to meet in order to conquer this great elevation and for photographers who want to take a photo to this colossus.

The Chimborazo is considered the furthest point on Earth and exceeds with two meters to Everest, the measurement is considered from the center of the planet. Chimborazo has also been called King of the Ecuadorian Andes, as it surpasses all volcanoes and hills. The huge mace extends from east to west and allows us to observe in this way the singularity of its internal structure. To climb the volcano it is necessary to carry mountaineering equipment.

We invite you to live this magnificent place full of surprises.

Chimborazo Ecuador

It has two shelters: the Carrel cabin at 4,850 meters and the  Whymper, cabin 5,000 meters away. Due to the altitude and its low temperatures, the hiring of a professional mountaineering guide and hiking is recommended, they will provide you with the indications and measures of security to ascend to said volcano. Generally preparing to raise this elevation takes place it in Quito or in the capital of the province of Chimborazo, Riobamba. The upper part of the Chimborazo is completely covered by glaciers. The Chimborazo is surrounded by the Chimborazo Wildlife Production Reserve, which forms an ecosystem protected to preserve the habitat of the native camelids of the Andes such as the vicuña, the llama, and the alpaca.

As in other glaciers of the Ecuadorian highlands, the ice of the Chimborazo glaciers has been extracted by ice makers to be sold in the markets of Guaranda and Riobamba. In ancient times, people transported ice to the coastal cities of Ecuador, as Babahoyo and Vinces.

Features of the Chimborazo Volcano

  • Chimborazo Volcano Location: It is located in the central Andes, 150 km southwest of Quito and 49 km south northwest of Riobamba .
  • Chimborazo Volcano Height: 6,268 masl
  • How to get to the Chimborazo Volcano? Getting to Chimborazo is not hard. From Riobamba you can take the bus ($ 1.50) that goes to the town of Guaranda, and halfway down, get off at the entrance which leads to the Chimborazo.
  • Chimborazo Volcano Climate: Being at the foot of Chimborazo its the weather is cold, however, at noon the sun almost always shines the city and sometimes the temperature reaches 13 degrees centigrade.

Flora and Fauna of the Chimborazo Volcano

  • Chimborazo Volcano Flora: Regarding the most important known plants are ferns, Azorella pads, gentian, chuquirahua, architect, chocho flower, achupallas, mosses and lichens. But the important thing about this ecosystem it is the property of storing large amounts of water that are filtered in the earth by the permeable its soil, the ones that filtered they feed surrounding lands regulating the microclimate of the highlands.
  • Chimborazo Volcano Fauna: The outstanding fauna is typical of wasteland, mainly represented by dwarf deers, llamas, vicuñas, deers, little rabbits, marsupial mice, wasteland wolves and cervicabras. Among the birds that are usually observed are the white chested hummingbirds, long beak and long tail hummingbirds, the curiquinges, the common piggy or eaglet and the king of the Andes the condor. There are also animals which were introduced by man as the sheep, llamas, vicuñas and horses. The condor is a bird that you should keep a lot of respect since it is of great importance for Ecuadorians as it appears in the  National Shield and the Flag of Ecuador, we must avoid poaching this one and avoid any other type of threat.
  • The flora and fauna of ourEcuador is so varied and abundant, we invite you to know part of it.

Chimborazo volcano

  • The Landscape: In the access road you can see unique landscapes such as the sunset in the moor while crossing, at full speed a flock of vicuñas. From this volcano you can observe with patience the crossing of the train that descends between rocky alleys from Huigra and touching the "Devil's Nose", towards Bucay, warm coastal canton.
  • Chimborazo mountaineering volcano: Andinism is a sport practiced, by preference, in the King of the Ecuadorian Andes thanks to its imponderable beauty. The Liberator Simón Bolívar, was the first to practice it.
  • Snow Hostel: At present, with the construction of the “Parador de Nieves ”, visitors have the facilities to spend the night in the volcano.

Chimborazo Volcano Shelters

  • Carrel Brothers Shelter
  • Whymper Shelter

Chimborazo's last ice maker

The old tradition of the Chimborazo ice makers that still remains. Every Tuesday and Friday, the farmers of the town of Cuatro Esquinas go on donkeys from 06h00 to the Carlos Zambrano glacier. There, with picks and shovels they remove the earth and discover the ice. They get blocks weighing up to 30 kilos. They immediately wrap them with straw and begin their journey to the San Alfonso de Riobamba market where they sell them at a price between eight and ten dollars.

Chimborazo tourism volcano

Legend - For the natives drinking the water of the god Chimborazo has a same meaning as the consecration of wine in the Eucharist of the Catholic religion. This was the way in which colonial homes were supplied ice.

On the other hand, according to the indigenous belief, the curiquingue, is a bird that depending on its flight form brings good or bad omens for local communities, it is always represented in every indigenous festival.

Another ancient native legend related that the Chimborazo and the nearby Carihuairazo (both male hills), fought each other for the love of Tungurahua (female hill) the angry suitors threw rocks and the one that prevailed was the Chimborazo.

Chimborazo hike

A cycling tour that allows you to take a safe tour, making a beautiful mountain crossing.

Chimborazo Lodge

The only place at the foot of Chimborazo where it allows you to spend the night it has comfortable rooms and a restaurant 

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