The rural parish of Zumbahua belongs to Pujilí canton of the Cotopaxi province. It has several tourist attractions and tourist activities. Location, How to get there?Transportation.

Zumbahua Parish is one of the destinations with the greatest influx to practice rock climbing, it is located in Cotopaxi province, in Pujilí canton in Cocha Uma town.

    • Cocha Uma is located in Pujilí canton, in the buffer zone of Los Ilinizas RE, It is one of the alternatives to enjoy rock climbing adventure sport, it has a total of 31 routes established and identified for sports practice, ranging from 10 to 80 meters high, fully equipped.
    • It has an altitude of 3900 meters above sea level.
    • Zumbahua Climate: The weather varies between 8 ° -18 ° and most importantly you can visit this place throughout the year.
    • Zumbahua current population: 11,895 inhabitants
    • From the nearest city: From Zumbahua Parish it is 4.5 km along the road to La Mana, and from the partisan to the right about 3 km more by third order road.

Zumbahua, Quilotoa

One of the most outstanding attractions of Zumbahua is Quilotoa lagoon, a lagoon that has a turquoise tone, and in this place you can perform adventure activities, such as kayaking, trekking.

Zumbahua tourist attractions

Main attractions of Zumbahua are:

    • Inca Cave
    • Condor Matzi
    • Chicho thermal water
    • Cerde Cocha Complex
    • Yurak Yuksi Mountain Range
    • Toachi river canyon,
    • Zumbahua Market, It stands out for exhibition of handicrafts in the area.

Zumbahua Tourist facilities

    • Bathrooms: NO
    • Trails: YES
    • Signaling: YES
    • Spring: NO
    • Parking: NO
    • Camping area: YES

Zumbahua tourist services

    • Accommodation: Cabañas Quilotoa, Pachamma Quilotoa, Chosita, Chukirawa, Mirador Oro Verde, Posada de Tigua La, Crater Lake, Alpaca Quilotoa, Community Organization for tourist development Lago Verde.
    • Restaurants: Lago Verde Quilotoa Restaurant, belonging to the CTC Lago Verde, located at the entrance to the Quilotoa Lagoon
    • Operators: Tovar Expeditios Greivag Turismo, Neiges, Ecochasquis Expediciones, Ecotrailec

Zumbahua how to get there

    • Transportation: Cottullari Tourist Transportation, Comilpatria Tourist Transportation, Cotopaxi Interprovincial Transportation.
    • To get to Zumbahua you take a bus from Latacunga Terminal, by intercantonal transport "Vivero" or "Ilinizas" until you reach Zumbahua. From there by van. Cotopaxi Interprovincial Transport Company

Cost: 2 USD

Zumbahua Gastronomy

They have maintained the tradition of ancestral flavors that have been worked with new ingredients to enhance their meals.

Typical dishes have as main ingredients barley, beans and peas. Which are used to make exquisite dishes. Additionally it is also characterized by preparing food such as:

    • Machica with pork rinds
    • Roasted guinea pig kariuchu
    • Sweet Barley Rice
    • Creole chicken broth
    • Lamb Broth
    • Purple laundry
    • Corn pouring
    • the traditional fanesca

Popular celebrations and commemorations Zumbahua

    • Feast of Santo Rumy, Three Wise Men - January 1
    • Zumbahua Carnival
    • Holy Week (Easter of Resurrection)
    • Corpus Christi June
    • Parish Festivities: June 16
    • Harvest Festival: August
    • Day of the Dead: November 2

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