Provinces of Ecuador

Ecuador has 24 provinces, learn about each one of them and its capitals that are divided by regions as well as the provinces of the Sierra, provinces of the Coast, provinces of the Amazon and Galapagos provinces

Which are the 24 provinces of Ecuador?

Ecuador is known as the land of the 4 worlds, this is because it is divided into four regions.

Ecuador has 24 Provinces with their respective capitals.

Provinces and Capitals of Ecuador

Now, the 24 Provinces of Ecuador. You can also check the information on maps of Ecuador, where you can graphically locate the provinces of Ecuador.

Provinces of the Insular Region

  1. Galapagos - Capital Puerto Baquerizo Moreno

Provinces of the Coast

How many provinces does the coast have: in total there are 7

  1. Esmeraldas - Capital Esmeraldas
  2. Manabi - Capital  Portoviejo
  3. Los Ríos  - Capital Babahoyo
  4. Santa Elena - Capital Santa Elena
  5. Guayas- Capital Guayaquil
  6. Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas  - Capital Santo Domingo
  7. El Oro - Capital Machala

Provinces of the highlands

  1. Azuay  - Capital Cuenca
  2. Bolívar  - Capital Guaranda
  3. Cañar - Capital Azogues
  4. Carchi- Capital Tulcán
  5. Cotopaxi- Capital Latacunga
  6. Chimborazo- Capital Riobamba
  7. Imbabura - Capital Ibarra
  8. Loja- Capital Loja
  9. Pichincha - Capital Quito
  10. Tungurahua - Capital Ambato

Provinces of the amazon

  1. Morona Santiago - Capital Macas
  2. Napo  - Capital Tena
  3. Orellana - Capital Orellana
  4. Pastaza - Capital Puyo
  5. Sucumbíos - Capital Lago Agrio
  6. Zamora Chinchipe - Capital Zamora

The provinces of Ecuador enjoy a delicious Ecuadorian Gastronomy and they are always ready to welcome tourists. Visit Ecuador and discover all its wonders because tourism in Ecuador is an experience that you cannot miss.

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