Mompiche Ecuador

Mompiche is a wonderful beach of Ecuador in the province of Esmeraldas in the coast region. Visit the tourist places and the activities you can do, and try the delicious cuisine.

Mompiche is located 400 kilometers north of Quito, capital of Ecuador. Mompiche is located on the Pacific coast, on the Ruta del Spondylus, the tourist path that runs along the coastal profile. By plane, from Quito to Esmeraldas an airline (Tame) operates offering daily flights at different times.

Mompiche Beach

  • How to arrive
    • From Quito there are buses, twice a day, leaving in the morning or in the night, taking approximately 8 - 9 hours. In you own car they it takes approximately 7 - 8 hours from Quito and 5 - 6 hours from Ibarra.
  • Mompiche gives you a bit of everything: party and relaxation, nature and adventure, you will have to go through a path culebrero adorned by Jungle trees to reach Mompiche and it will be worth it.
  • This small town has great things to offer. The sea offers excellent surfing waves and long walks in its extensive 7 km beach.
  •  Around this curious little beach where the tide rises and falls very much, locals live in small wooden houses.
  • If you want to tour the town, it will not take more than a ten minute walk.
  • If you want to visit a school, you can enter “the school”. The place is full of children running barefoot (for comfort, not for need) and you will quickly want to join them taking off your sandals and feeling the earth in your feet.
  • In the early morning and mid afternoon, fishermen boats arrive to unload their merchandise, which they carry in boxes up to a truck. They have to do it quickly if they don't want birds (mixture of seagull and griffon vulture) to take the fish and fly away. You can imagine that this is a good place to eat very fresh seafood at a good price.
  • The hidden Black Beach (of volcanic sand) is hidden where the foliage begins. If the tide is low you can pass through the rocks and greet the crab colony. The ancients say that salt baths, sea wind and contact with the earth, maintain disease away. When they talked about it, they were surely thinking about Mompiche.

Mompiche information

  • Mompiche Costs: Give yourself the luxury of eating and drinking as you want, it's not really expensive here; Well, a typical breakfast costs about USD $ 3; while a main course an approximate USD $ 5 and both have the special season of Emeralds. You can find Hostel accommodation from USD $ 8.

Mompiche Tourist Services

  • Attractions: When you're in Mompiche do not miss going to the Black Beach, whose sand has titanium and shines like silver. Further, Portete - the neighboring island - is so full of palm trees that you will not want leave the blanket of its shadows.
  • Lodging: From hotels made with bamboo to huge resorts these are the options that can be found in Mompiche and they offer all-inclusive packages: swimming pool, air conditioning and access to the exclusive beach with a value of USD 188 per person.
  • Gastronomy: This paradise place on the Ecuadorian coast offers dishes in which you can feel the seasoning Esmeraldas cuisine. Prepared seafood can be found in the restaurants seafood with coconut, seafood rice, shrimp and fish. These products they can be fried, breaded or seasoned with garlic depending on what that the client prefers. Another inevitable option, especially for heat is to drink a natural fruit juice. The restaurants  have a great variety of fruits: coconut, strawberry, blackberry, banana and other exotic like arazá and borojó.

Mompiche activities

Surf and fishing on a very attractive beach.

  • An extensive strip of tropical forest marks a quiet beach of fishermen south of the province of Esmeraldas. During years Mompiche remained hidden from travelers, but its waves up to three meters high have not gone unnoticed by expert surfing groups.
  • Every morning the shore receives the fishing boats; the green bluish color of the sea keeps for them pampinilla, snapper, shrimp and other marine species that are fished four miles from the beach, from three o'clock in the morning. This makeshift port, at the end of the pier, is full of seagulls at the time of landing, women of the town they push the boats from the shore in exchange for one or two pounds of fish.

Mompiche Surf

  • After twelve o'clock, the colorful surfboards float on the waves. Surfers take advantage of the months of June to October to navigate them. Next to the beaches of Montañita and Canoa, Mompiche is part of the Ecuadorian surf circuit of Latin America, the consistency of its winds and tides attracts athletes from all over the world.
  •  You can walk through the white sand that covers the six kilometers of beach and at the tip of Mompiche there is a cliff covered with bushes which is home of small crustaceans.
  • Hidden behind the estuary, a black sand beach remains almost always lonely: Black Beach. This site has been classified by the inhabitants of Mompiche as a nudist beach because visitors are free to cover themselves naked with sand and take advantage of the healing qualities attributed to it.

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