Muisne Beach

Beach on Muisne Island, south of the province of Esmeraldas. The beauty of its beaches and palm trees enclose a tropical dream landscape.

The beach is located on the quiet island of Muisne, south of the city of Emeraldas. The 2 km island offers visitors a long stretch of beaches in the calmed down Muisne and has a number of excellent local restaurants with Emeraldas seafood specialties. The island is particularly famous for its delicious encocados (a dish with shrimp or fish, simmered, in a coconut-seasoned sauce), as well as the typical crushed fried plantain patacones. From the beach you can travel by boat to the Estuary of the Muisne River Mangrove Ecosystem Wildlife Refuge and the Mache Chindul Ecological Reserve, both with sections of virgin mangrove forests.

Muine location: This beach is located at the north of Esmeraldas.

Muisne extension: The Muisne beach has an approximate extension of 8 kilometers, and the width of its beaches is 300 meters wide in low tide.

Muisne Climate: the climate is warm humid with an average temperature from 21 ° C to 32 ° C.

Muisne Ecuador

Unbeatable years of legend are hidden on the pier, in its streets, in their paths. Upon arrival, the tourist perceives the hospitality of the people of the place that, together with the typical coastal warmth, produces a sensation of wanting know everything.

One of the afternoons attractions for tourists is to observe the sunset. That is the delight of visitors from abroad but also from the Muisne Canton.

What catches the attention of the visitor is to know and enjoy its beautiful beach. To reach it, from the pier you have to travel 1800 meters by a cobbled road, very picturesque, similar to those on the Cemetery and Santa Rosa.

On this site you can enjoy an ecological taxi ride and rent horses for tours in the city.

In that short journey, the "tricycle" tells true stories of the beauty and magic of the Muisne Island.

Muisne has good restaurants located on the seashore, where they will offer you an excellent, varied and delicious food and drinks based on fresh seafood, plantain and natural fruits.

Muisne Tourism

The biodiversity of Muisne focuses on the coastal strip that corresponds to the tropical dry forest life zone. The beach is one of the largest in the province of Emeralds lined with coconut trees, where you can observe seagulls and herons. There are also crustaceans and shells. The area contains grassland extensions and few bushes, only in the Muisne River Estuary, located in the south east of the beach, there is about 20 kilometers of mangrove which is sparsely visited by tourist.

Muisne Attractions

  • Islands: Muisne Beach is influenced by the Isla del Niño and the Stains or Isla Bonita.
  • Isla Bonita: To get to this island you have to do it by boat,  the premises is located 25 minutes away from Muisne.
  • Bird Island: You can take a boat ride around the island of the birds. It is a permanent refuge for various bird species like pelicans, herons, seagulls, blue-footed boobies, sticks, frigates and countless birds,  hence its name. In this place the birds rest, mate, stock up and finally die. This island is constituted by sediments of sand dragged by marine currents, is covered by capers that allow the conservation of other crustaceans such as crabs.
  • Mangroves: It is another wonderful destination to travel the infinite mangroves and observe a tangled landscape of branches that preserve these marine waters.

The sunrises and sunsets in Muisne are unforgettable. At dawn small ships like boats and canoes arrive bringing the fruits of the sea.

At dusk, with the bravery of the waves, bold native seamen are launched to the sea in fragile canoes to realize what their ancestors have always done, to fish.

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