Atacames Beach

The Atacames beach is a popular place, especially for domestic and foreign tourists, it is considered one of the closest beaches to the city of Quito. It is a great tourist attraction in the province of Esmeraldas.

Atacames Beach - Esmeraldas

Atacames has an excellent hotel infrastructure. Its is fascinating site because of its beaches, the exuberant nature, and the richness of black folklore in its varied manifestations, as well as its gastronomy, since you can enjoy the most exquisite dishes of the sea in its exotic restaurants that combine modern architecture with the rudimentary and fascinating applications of mangroves in decoration, in addition to the best known and attractive "parasols" where you can have exquisite cocktails such as "caipirinhas."    

  • Atacames ¿ How to get there ?
    • From Ibarra
    • The distance between these two points is 319 km, estimated time 4h 50 min.
    • From Quito   
    • The distance is 334 km and the approximate duration of the trip is 5h 33 min   
  • Beach of Atacames location: It is located 30 minutes  away from Esmeraldas.   
  • Beach of Atacames Extension; The beach of Atacames has an approximate extension of 5 to 6 kilometers.  
  • Width of the Atacames beach : It is approximately 500 meters wide. 
  • Atacames beach Climate: Its minimum temperature is 21 ºC and the maximum is 32 ºC .  
  • Atacames beach biodiversity:Atacames belongs to the tropical dry forest life zone, the beach is bordered by coconut trees, scarcely you can find ornamental tree species and grassland: at 300 meters you will find the Atacames estuary, that preserves a mangrove. In addition , you can observe the flight of the seagulls. 

Atacames Tourism

Attractive Atacames Beach

  • In the city and on the beach you can find all the facilities to enjoy a well-deserved tropical vacation. You can enjoy the delicious, " crazy coco ", typical drink made with coconut water.  
  • The beach has typical cabins, music, dance and tropical drinks. You can rent chairs, hammocks, parasols and spend all the time in the world sunbathing, enjoy the sea and just rest and forget about the worldly noise.
  • There is the possibility of enjoying the waves with "the banana", riding a little, reading a book, or simply enjoying some drinks, on a unique beach.
  • Place well known for the high concentration of young people who like music, dancing, sun and moon, which occurs on the beach with several typical palm huts , where you can taste the exquisite tropical fruit juices or the caipirinhas, you must also try authentic shrimp, shell, oysters, coastal ceviches and admire the sale of coral and quartz souvenirs at the fair.    
  • Typical meals: lobsters, shrimp and fish ceviches, encocados , green balls, casseroles , the famous seafood dish and other varieties of fish and shellfish.         
  • Crafts : An important artistic craftsmanship that has developed in recent years at sites near the beaches, particularly in Atacames, is that of black coral. Skilful artisans work this material, which they extract from the sea, where it exists in abundance. Bracelets and necklaces are made in a variety of designs and are in high demand by tourists and visitors.  
  • El Peñón del Suicida : It is an extraordinary natural viewpoint of calcareous formation 80 meters high. Separated from the beaches of Atacames and Súa, you can cross from one beach to another along the rock, walking between rocks, crabs and small waves.   

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