Beaches of Esmeraldas

Discover the Best Beaches in the Province of Esmeraldas - Ecuador, its location, how to get there, tourist attractions, typical food and activities you can enjoy.

Beaches in Esmeraldas

The Province of Esmeraldas is a very attractive destination for both domestic and foreign tourists. This province offers a great variety of beaches to be visited. Additionally you can enjoy its gastronomic offer. Its proximity to the capital city is an advantage for this place to be chosen especially by Quito locals.     

Its unique landscapes are tourist attractions, its sand and the color of the sea arouse the interest of those who visit it since here you will find the best beaches in Esmeraldas

How to get to Esmeraldas Beaches?

From Carchi 

  • You can arrive in less time to the coveted beaches of Esmeraldas. This is due to the fact that the Mira-Estación Carchi road, which connects with the Ibarra-San Lorenzo road, was recently paved. The opening of this freeway decreases the trip from Tulcán to Esmeraldas by 1 hour.

From Quito 

  • You can reach Esmeraldas by two routes, using the Aloag - Santo Domingo - Esmeraldas road or another alternative, by the Calacalí - La Independencia - Esmeraldas road, the approximate travel time is 5 hours.     

List of Esmeraldas Beaches

  1. Malecon Playa Las Palmas :An attractive tourist complex a few minutes from the city of Esmeraldas, its attractive beach and gastronomic offer. 
  2. Tonsupa: Beach A wide beach ideal for rest, is located near the beach of Atacames. It has delicious typical dishes, hotel offer and night fun 
  3. Atacames Beach:It is one of the most requested tourist destinations, its beaches offer a place for relaxation and fun. You can do water sports, and enjoy excellent cuisine, with a large hotel infrastructure.  
  4. Mompiche Beach: A hidden beach ideal for people who want to get away from the bustle of the city. Surfboards, gastronomy and fishing boats can be found here.   
  5. Same: Beach: This private beach is a place for tourists to enjoy tranquility. During the windy season, that lasts from July to December, sailboat is usually practiced. In this place you cannot miss the delicious sea gastronomy. 
  6. Súa Beach:It is a beach with calm waters, where you can enjoy the harmony of nature, and you cannot miss its delicious cuisine. 
  7. Muisne Beach: In this quiet place where nature is around you can enjoy rest and relaxation. 
  8. Playa Africa It is the northernmost beach in the Province of Esmeraldas. It also belongs to the canton of Río Verde and the nearest urban towns are Montalvo 4 km away and Río Verde 30 km away.   
  9. Rio Verde: Beach The beach has an extension of 800 meters, it is an open coast to the west where the mouth of the Rio Verde is located. Along the beach you can find leaflets and rocks. The tourism in this area is of local reach, however the nature of the place does not stop offering its magic and attractiveness.   
  10. Las Peñas Beach Las Peñas: Ecuador is a beautiful beach to rest and enjoy the sun and the sea breeze. Its extensive beach of 2 kilometers long, adorned the south side by some caves that fill with water at high tide, gives it great natural beauty.   
  11. San Francisco del Cabo Beach: It is very common to visit the beaches for their handicrafts that occur in the place, more than their customs and traditions you can know their legends full of mysteries, enjoy a few days of warmth. 
  12. Playa Escondida:This beautiful beach is an excellent place to enjoy and practice rual tourism.  
  13. Playa Estero de Plátano: Sector belonging to the Galera parish, perfect site for the sighting of humpback whales, in their mating time. 
  14. Playa Camarones: Located on the route that leads to Río Verde, a beach covered with snails, crabs and crabs.  
  15. Achilube Beach: In its surroundings we can find attractions of interest and striking that gives a special touch to the beaches, on the other hand we can enjoy a beautiful view from the hotels.  

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