Isabela Island of Galapagos

Isabela in Galapagos is an Island where you can enjoy incredible landscapes, a wonderful fauna and flora, these make it very recognised worldwide.

Isabela Island

Isabela is the largest island of Galapagos, It is located on the Island of Ecuador . Learn more

about this lovely island and enjoy this tourist destination.

Originally it was called Albermarle or Saint Gertrudis , today Isabela Island is the biggest of the Galapagos Archipelago that offers a variety of marine and land touristic places. It has six volcanoes all of them are still active, they are responsible for giving the island's profile a hippocampus shape. The highest point of this island is the Wolf Volcano, with an altitude of approximately 1,707 meters.

As a result of the combination of seawater and rainwater, the island has several brackish lagoons that harbor dozens of flamingos, also called flameingos, and other birds that exploit these places to drink and remove salt from their wings. Along from the coastal profile it is possible to see a variety species, like the penguin of Galapagos, this is the smallest in the world with a height of 49 cm and the only one that lives in The equatorial zone.

Isabela Island is the largest in the Galapagos archipelago and is known as the volcanoes IslandPuerto Villamil is the access door to this place. The bay entrance is a bit difficult due to the large number of cliffs on the low rock cliffs and the deep beds hat hinder navigation, to which we must add an always annoying sea.

The city of Santo Tomás (remembering Berlanga) is 20 km far away, near by is possible to appreciate the Wall of Tears in the German Penitentiary Colony camp that was open until 1959.

In the island there are no more than 1000 inhabitants, they do not have access to drinking water, but the Island counts with fresh water fountains.

For the nature lovers, through a visit on Isabela Island can also enjoy impressive places, such as the Sierra Negra volcano and the Chico Volcano, Concha Perla, Wetlands, the Urbina Bay, among other sights. For tourists who want to spend the night at the Isabela Island there are different options of accommodation. Please be sure about availability.

What to know about Isabela Galapagos

  • On Isabela Galapagos Island, the typical food is very well represented by the Famous Chonta with Guayusa.
  • From february to may, culonas ants (potatoes, broth and cake)
  • From october to november, dried fish with rice and molo (mashed potatoes), broth of creole chicken, roasted guinea pig with pistachios, pork of potatoes, mushrooms´ patty, tamales, and humitas.
  • This is an area with a representative production of coffee, livestock, pigs, poultry, cassava, plantain, sugar cane, corn, cocoa, citrus, papaya, pineapple.
  • In the context of its gastronomy, Isabela residents offer a variety of dishes based on lobster, a seasonal seafood caught with fishing pots, according to the area that operates in the waters of the marine reserve of Galapagos.

If your trip concur with the opening fishery season for this resource, it is the perfect opportunity for trying the delicious ceviche´s lobster and the " Lobster Carapachudo ", a dish that also contains crispy rice or “cocolón" such as is called by Ecuadorians.

Isabela Island Tourism

White sand beaches, craters showing signs of recent eruptions, caves where sharks are known as Tintoreras, remains of ancient human activities, among others are some of the tourist destinations visited by hundreds of peoples enchanted by the Galapagos Islands charms.

The details of tourism on the island are subject to special regulations in Galapagos, including the Experiential fishing tourism. This last one  was created for improving the socioeconomic situation of fishermen, who know and practice a traditional fishing. Authorized by the Ministry of Environment.

Boats equipped for fishing with a maximum capacity of 10 passengers, allow visitors

practice the mentioned sport in the reserved areas. To complete the trip, which can be done alone or with the family, there are several resting places, such as tunnels, which are located at

Southwest of the island Isabela Puerto Villamil.

Tourist Attractions of Isabela Island Ecuador

To protect this resource, the Ecuadorian state in agreement with the fishing sector of Galapagos, It is mandatory to capture lobster only when the resource is healthy. Therefore, it is a seasonal product.

The details of tourism on the island are subject to special regulations in Galapagos, including the Experiential fishing tour.

Isabela Ecuador is famous for its tourist attractions such as the Isimanchi Playas River, the River Mayo, the crest of the rooster, Canchis, the International Bridge La Balsa, the Center of Entertainment Zumba, San Andrés, Chito (Quebrada Sangola and La Noque), Chorrera Blanca (Great Power Jesus), Private Archaeological Museum , Noe Bermeo (Center 12 of February)

The Tunnels are an ideal tourist area for swimming with white sharks, also known as blue sharks. With the companion of experts and adequate equipped for diving it is possible immerse in the caves, house of these sharks for appreciating at first sight these misunderstood habitants our planet. Inside the water the visitors can enjoy the company of  striped rails, sea iguanas, sea lions, penguins, seahorses, included marine species that can only be found in the Galapagos Islands.

Out of the water, out of The Tunnels, a tourist can see blue weights, flamingos, frigates and other bird species that come from the country. Don’t loose a good memories, it is recommended to carry waterproof camera.

On Isabela Island there is 60% of flora and fauna of all the Galapagos. The visitors can find 5 types of giant turtles, flamingos, penguins, marine iguanas, lions, sharks that easily take the base of the city of Puerto Villamil.

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