Islet of the Tintoreras

A tourist attraction that visitors cannot miss when they visit Isabela Island in Galapagos.

Las Tintoretas, is a tourist attraction that receives the largest number of visitors in the Isabela Isabela , is located 10 minutes by boat from Puerto Villamil, it is a small rocky islet, which remains in its natural state and additionally has a small group of marine wolves, marine iguanas and birds that stay on the rocks to rest.         

Its name originates in the fact that is evidence of a lava crack that contains water and when it is still, whitetip sharks , called “ tintoreras ”, tend to go to rest and admire comfortably in the mornings and afternoons. In the vertical walls of the cracks and the small turquoise lagoon of the interior there are several baby marine iguanas that are warming their bodies in the sunny mornings.

Tintoreras Islet

It is the ideal place for snorkeling .

Las Tintoreras Location: 10 minutes by boat from Puerto Villamil. 

Las Tintoreras Climate:

The subtropical floor predominates with dry and very dry climates.

Las Tintoreras Flora:

On the first beach you can see some plants of Nolana galapageia , an endemic plant which is very rare in the area.

Las Tintoreras Fauna:

 It is possible to  find some sea lions on a small white sand beach, and you will surely be able to see many marine iguanas of all ages, which is one of the main breeding sites for these reptiles. In addition to whitetip sharks ( Triaenodon obesus ) that are carnivorous animals, but not aggressive with humans and you can also admire a variety of multicolored fish. 

  Las Tintoreras Attractions:

  • It is located with a small bay of completely calm waters and its waters have a turquoise color. There you can see sea lions, sea turtles, rays, among other species.
  • The bay is connected to a crack of crystalline waters, shallow and when the tide is low, the entrance is closed. In this crack, you can see how the Tintoretas swim along with other small fish and sea lions.
  • It is not advisable to bathe, because of the sea lions but there are certain places where you can snorkel

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