Baltra Island

Baltra faces Santa Cruz to the south, with a separation of just about 150 meters by a channel of crystal clear water coexisting with sea lions, birds and many other endemic species that accompany the tourist the tour in boats to cross.

Baltra Island is a small island in the Galapagos. Baltra is the main airport of the Galapagos Archipelago and is the entrance for visitors who wish to make tourism in the islands.

Baltra island is of volcanic origin, flat and low. These particulars influenced so that the island is chosen for the construction of an airport, being a strategic commercial and geographical point.  The airport was built by the North Americans during the Second World War. In the northern part of the island are the islands Mosquera (0.6 Km2.) and Seymour (1.8 Km2.), separated from the latter by the northern Canal 0.8 MN. wide.

Baltra Galapagos

Although Baltra has no tourist sites, we can make purchases, either to take a souvenir or complete something for our trip. However, there are attractions near Baltra, such as Santa Cruz Island which has several interesting sites to visit and is only 1 km from Baltra.

Baltra Island extension It has approximately 26.8 Km2, of surface, its approximate length is 8.3 Km. with a maximum width of 5.5 Km.

Baltra Island flora Its vegetation is scarce, consisting especially of cacti and other types of shrubs. It does not have any natural source of fresh water.

Main tourist attractions near Baltra

  • Around the island of Baltra are the following valuable geographical features:
  • North Channel Divides Seymour and Baltra Islands, in the middle of Seymour and Baltra Islands is the Mosquera Islet. 
  • Seymour Bay Located between the western coast of Baltra and the northern coast of Santa Cruz Island, between the depths is a great variety of marine fauna and turtle nesting.
  • Punta Norte The tip has a figure like a tongue that comes out of the island pointing west, is low, rugged coastline and is located to the northwest of the island.
  • Caleta Norte It is located to the south of the tip of the same name, it has an opening of 0.7 of a mile and an entrance of 0.37 of a mile its limit is the Punta Noboa.
  • Punta Robles It is located southeast of the island, has cliffs and is stony, has almost no vegetation.
  • Caleta Aeolian This cove is located to the west of the island and south of Punta Noboa. It has white sand beaches that look like flour. In this place you can observe: the lighthouse, the tanks and the pier.

Baltra Ecuador

To get to Santa Cruz Island you must cross the Itabaca Channel. The island serves as a small naval base for Ecuador. There are no places for accommodation, but there is public and private transportation from the airport to Puerto Ayora.

For those who have pre-established their tour, they often meet their guide at the airport. From here you will be transferred to your yacht or start your first excursion on Santa Cruz Island.