Puerto Ayora

Puerto Ayora - Ecuador, is the starting point for trekking in Galapagos, learn more about the most populous canton of the archipelago.

Puero Ayora Tourism

Puerto Ayora a presentation charge of the Galapagos Islands. "We are one hour younger," says Luis, the hotel manager where we stayed, while explaining the itinerary of the day. It is part of the welcome and being located a thousand kilometers from the continental Ecuador; although perhaps also of the renovating environment that is lived in the island.

Puerto Ayora Ecuador is not only the capital of the province, but it is the most populous canton. “It is the Galápagos tourist center” Luis explains with a map. From here depart the round trips to the archipelago’s different islands.

Daily, there are tours to Isabela and San Cristóbal, the other two most inhabited islands, which cost about USD $ 30 just the one-way ticket. Also from here depart tours to nearby islands such as Floreana or Santa Fe, to snorkel or other activities, which can cost about USD $ 120 for the full day.

Puerto Ayora Santa Cruz has that charming small town air. The night is calm, but active. The restaurants are full, the streets are covered by cyclists and the boardwalk is a meeting point for young people on their skateboards. Around the Ecotourism Pier, Gus Angermeyer provides spaces for sports such as a multiple court where you will surely find people playing a kind of football with a frisbee or volleyball.

Life in Puerto Ayora Galapagos

Life in Puerto Ayora is calm and cozy, a perfect letter of presentation of the Galapagos Islands. Unique wildlife on land or in the sea, beautiful white sand beaches and crystal clear water; In addition to the particular flavor of gastronomy, only the Enchanted Islands can give you.

Life in Puerto Ayora is calm and cozy, a perfect letter of presentation of the Galapagos Islands. "They disinfect us," the Catalan woman sitting next to me tells me, while the hostesses spread a spray approved by the World Health Organization in hand luggage located above us. I smile. We are already arriving in the Galapagos Islands and yes, we are being disinfected.

And it is that this archipelago of Ecuador, which was originally called the Archipelago of Columbus, is a nature reserve where unique species inhabit and we - humans - have to ask for a kind of authorization.

How to get to Galapagos and its costs

Visiting Galapagos is one of the tourist activities in Ecuador that you cannot miss. After buying your ticket, you have up to 48 hours in advance to make a pre-registration, which allows you to enter the archipelago. After the procedure you will receive the rules of the Galapagos National Park by email. In travel agencies or at the airport you must purchase the Traffic Control Card (TCT) that costs USD $ 10; while the entrance to the Galapagos National Park is USD $ 6 for nationals and residents and foreigners must pay USD $ 100.

Air tickets, from Guayaquil or Quito, cost about USD $ 250, although this value may decrease or increase depending on the season.

We arrive at Baltra Island airport and from there we take a boat that takes us to Santa Cruz Island (USD $ 1). We disembark at the point known as El Canal and from here there are buses that transport you to Puerto Ayora downtown for USD $ 2, although a taxi could cost about USD $ 18.

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