Chota Valley

El Chota is a tourist site in northern Ecuador that attracts national and foreign travelers, where they can live the experience of community tourism and learn about ancestral customs.

The community of Chota is located in the province of Imbabura and part of the province of Carchi. It is located between the border of the provinces of Carchi and Imbabura, 35 km from Ibarra and 89 km from Tulcan, the valley is easily accessed by the Panamericana Norte.

Chota Valley Limites

    • At the north: Cordillera Oriental
    • At the South: bridge over the Chota River and the Western Cordillera
    • East: Juncal Bridge

Chota region is also attributed with the names of: Valley of Coangue, Valley of the Malignant Heat, Valley of the Blacks, Bloody Valley, Valley of Soccer. Through time, every name it has acquired is due to the transformation of a socio-cultural process that has been developing throughout history.

Chota Valley tourism

The main source of work that the communities have is community tourism thanks to its development now has a cultural center, Mask Museum in Juncal, where you can observe the history of Afrochoteña culture and its main attraction the masks.

Some of the services are offered in the houses of the people of the area such as lodging, and the food these places are occupied only by people from the community. On the part of the communities that are not yet linked in the tourist activity has not existed an improvement in the tourist impulse in the zones, by the lack of knowledge of the cultural wealth that they possess.

Sugar production and the work in the mills in the Chota-Mira valley, is carried out the elaboration of panela.

In the Parish of Ambuquí with delicious products made with the ovo as the wine of ovo.

Chota Valley Culture

Communities of Juncal, Chalguayacu and Carpuela dedicated to promoting cultural tourism, maintaining the customs and traditions of Afro-Coteans.

Afrochoteño music Afrochoteño music is one of the many forms of expression of their cultural identity, the same that retains a number of traditional elements and a strong ethnic content with an instrumental team very own its own musical genre the bomba.

Chota Valley clothing

The traditional dress of the Afrochoteño village is as follows

    • Afro-Chocolate Women: It consisted of pleated skirts and blouses with colorful flights, accompanied by traditional hairstyles such as woven braids.
    • Afrochoteño men: A pair of trousers made of fabric and this dress shirt.
    • This dress was used by all the population in the newspaper. Nowadays the dress is used by the population of the third age and the braids are considered as art due to the models that are formed in the head of the person to whom they comb.

Traditional festivities in Chota Valley

    • Carnival of Coangue a party that is from Sunday to Tuesday of the carnival.

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