Babahoyo Tourism

Babahoyo - Ecuador, is a city that offers many tourist attractions, especially its beaches due to the banks of the Babahoyo River, find everything this city has to show you here.

Babahoyo Ecuador

Babahoyo is the capital of  Los Ríos Province

One of the most interesting trips that visitors make is to navigate on the waters of the Babahoyo River, in order to observe the beauty of the region. On the banks of the river, there are houseboats that attract the attention of visitors. On the right margin is the House of Olmedo where the writer wrote the verses of the well-known Canto a Bolívar. There is also La Balsa Blanca, a property built in the 19th century, a symbol in the history of Babahoyo, and it is very common to see it in pictures and photos adorning public and private offices as well as in rooms of many homes in this city.    

Babahoyo Tourist Places

The city has several tourist attractions, which in this project will be mentioned as well as: 

  • The house of the writer José Joaquín de Olmedo where he wrote the verses of the well-known Canto a Bolívar located on the right side of the river.  
  • Navigation through the waters of the Babahoyo River where you can observe rice, banana and cocoa crops.  
  • The floating houses a local heritage considered unique in the country located on the banks of the river.   
  • Cerro Cachari and the huge heart-shaped stone found in a hill grotto that represents the impossible love of the legend of the Enchanted Lady.  
  • Playas del Salto : the beaches of Salto in Babahoyo , is an excellent place to enjoy a day full of fun and adventure, we show you more about this attraction.  

Babahoyo folk festivals

  • The most important festivities are the Babahoyo Foundation (May 27), the feast of the La Merced Virgin (September 23), and the Rodeo Montubio (October 12).    
  • Also the famous rodeo montubio that is propitiated in the Pimocha Parish; They are one of the many tourist attractions that the city has.

Typical Babahoyo food

Babahoyo’s cuisine is not extensive, but it is intensely tasty. Among the main dishes are:

  • The Sancocho de Bocachico is prepared with banana, cassava and bocachico fish, accompanied by white rice and patacones  
  • Fish Bun is prepared based on grated banana, onion, garlic, pepper, peanut smoothie, fish stock. The fish is cut in medallions or cubes, wrapped in banana leaves. 
  • Shrimp Ceviche is prepared with boiled shrimp, lemon juice, sour orange juice, mustard, tomato sauce, coriander, pepper and paiteña onion, accompanied by popcorn, chifles or patacones.  

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