Crucita - Manabí, is considered one of the best places to practice hang gliding and paragliding sports, so international championships are held every year. Location, How to get there?, Activities, gastronomy.

Crucita Beach

Crucita is one of Ecuador's favorite beach tourist destinations. Crucita has an extension of 13 km. Beach, with high waves, palm trees, simple people and the distant peaks of the mountains, make this attraction a refuge to rest from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Its name is due to the fact that in times of colony there was a place where Virgin Mary and the Holy Cross were watched in the month of May, Catholics’ month of Mary. The bishop of the canton on arrival placed a cross where the temple currently is and since then it is called Crucita.

Its waters are greenish blue and the sand is fine grained. Around the Crucita beach you can find palapas, restaurants, walkers, hotels, jetty, cafeteria and discos where you can enjoy a pleasant time in the company of family or friends.

Crucita Location

It is located in the parish of the same name, 40 km from Manta, 45 km from Bahía de Caráquez and only 28 km from the capital of the province of Manabí, Portoviejo. This site is the most visited beach destination in Ecuador, thanks to its pleasant weather every day of the year.

Crucita constitutes its own natural setting for the realization of important and successful events, which constantly attract thousands and thousands of national and foreign tourists who visit it to enjoy the benefits of its sea and its beautiful landscapes.

Crucita information

  • Crucita surface has an area of 6,333.62
  • Geographical Location Crucita is located at coordinates 0 ° 52´15.80´´ S 80 ° 32´13,52´´ OR 2.6
  • Crucita Limits
  • North: San Jacinto and San Clemente from the Charapot parish of the Sucre canton.
  • South: the north of the Jaramijó canton is counted.
  • East: Charaptó, El Pueblito and Cañitas of the canton Sucre and Higuerón of the canton Rocafuerte.
  • West: The Pacific Ocean.
  • Crucita Climate It has a dry climate in summer and warm rain in winter time. The temperature ranges between 23 and 28 in summer and reaches 32 ° C in the rainy season.

Crucita Tourism

Its cuisine is varied, its food is made from seafood, bananas, peanuts, among others.

  • Handicrafts: On the way to the Crucita parish, we find some traditional food sites, such as objects and handicrafts from the area, so in the site El Sosote, we find the tagua workshops.
  • The Tagua: It is a seed that is obtained from the palm known as the tagua or vegetable ivory, this fruit is brought from the rural area of ​​Portoviejo, it is also known as the Mococha. Once the seed is collected, it is washed, dried, cut into a slice, and ready to make a wide variety of objects such as jewelry, key chains, ornaments, buttons, among others.

Activities in Crucita

Also on Crucita Beach you can do sport fishing, boat rides, ATVs, swimming and beach volleyball.

The time that paragliders can stay in the air depends on their ability to use updrafts

Crucita Typical Food

  • Rice with Shell: 30 shells, 1 pound of rice, 1 coconut, 3 peppers, 2 heads of red onion 3 branches of white onion, 2 cloves of garlic, parsley, salt, coriander and pepper to taste.
  • Empanadas de Verde: Green bananas are cooked in water and salt. They are taken out of one and crushed and kneaded, adding salt, to form a soft dough. Fry ground beef with peas, onion, and carrot. Empanadas are stuffed with vegetables and hard boiled egg. The empanadas are fried in hot oil.
  • Rice with Fish: Heat the oil fry the onion, garlic, tomato and chili. Season, add the broth and bring to boil add ground cilantro and rice. Cook for about 5 minutes. Add potatoes, chopped fish and huacatay. When the rice begins to dry, add cheese, margarine.