Humpback Whale Watching in Ecuador

Witness the love of humpback whales in Ecuadorian waters, a wonderful spectacle. Observing these mammals will be an unforgettable experience.

Humpback whales

The first time I watched them, my heart started beating wildly. It was a mixture of joy and adrenaline. A giant whale was less than 10 meters away from our yacht, and it was clearly seen through the crystal clear water of the sea of Puerto López , south of the province of Manabí.     

The giant cetacean did not notice our presence, passed quietly under the ship and a few seconds left the other side. There began the adventure: it emerged from the depths of the sea throwing a powerful jet of water and then jumped. It came out almost completely, and we marveled at its imposing presence. The tour guide commented that they measure more than 12 meters long and can weigh up to 40 tons.  

Our hearts beat faster, our eyes were attentive and the cameras captured the movement of these quiet animals. The moments that remained out of the water, I wanted them to be eternal, to admire its beauty, and the greatness of nature. After several minutes another whale emerged, a little smaller and imposed its presence emitting high throaty sounds, with rhythm. 

The movements and sounds were part of the mating dances, and showed us a unique love ritual, in the ocean. In addition, in their courtship they surface, throw water, make various movements and emit sounds to woo the female whale. These mammals amaze us because they travel more than 7,500 kilometers from the cold Antarctica to the warm waters of Puerto López, in Ecuador , to mate and give birth to their young.  

Humpback Whales in Ecuador

In Ecuador, even the whales are happy, confirming that the country located in the center of the world is a destination of love. Travelers enjoy between June to September of these cetaceans that show us the beauty, grandeur and beauty of marine life, which delights us with their presence at any time, and allows us to reflect on the importance of caring for the oceans to protect life that develops in it. 

It is possibleSponsor the whales, and this time I decided to choose Antonia as part of my family, she was one of the youngest of the pack, so I learned from an expert, who said that juvenile cetaceans have a mark on their tail that identifies them.   

From June to September Puerto López is full of life, thanks to these nice cetaceans, do not forget to take your camera of photography and video to capture its presence in Ecuador.     

Plan your trip, get your bag ready and get ready to feel the adrenaline in the country of the four worlds.

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