Surfing in Ayampe and Las Tunas

Ayampe and Tunas are two small surfer communities that share one of the most beautiful and privileged beaches on the coast of Ecuador. Learn more.

Ayampe Ecuador

Due to its calm waters, it is the ideal place to practice all water sports, especially surfing. Extensive kilometers of beach breaks offer every surfer the possibility of surfing in a privileged area surrounded by nature. Ayampe, an ideal place to rest for tourists who want to be away from the noise near the river, the sea, the mountain, a rainforest and varied fauna.

Ayampe beach is located in one of the most beautiful areas of Manabí in its small town. The inhabitants are dedicated to the collection of natural products such as: tagua, coffee, seafood and wood. It has open-air huts, as well as a small boat house where you can rent all kinds of diving equipment, jet skis and tri-motos.


  • This beach is located 17 km south of Puerto López, on the border of the provinces of Manabí and Guayas. Ayampe is located on the border between the provinces of Manabí and Santa Elena. About 17 km away. It is in a strategic zone since it is located near Machalilla National Park, on the Sponylus Route.
  • The natural attractions in Ayampe are varied, the already mentioned Machalilla National Park, the Ayampe River, the gardens located on the shore and its estuary, the humid jungle (the mountain) and you can not fail to mention the beach.
  • Ayampe has a good tourist service, in the beach, the traveler will be able to find food stalls, where to taste typical plates. There is also a house that offers boat rides, diving equipment, jet skis.
  • In the coast of Ayampe the climate has two seasons from January to June (summer) there is a humidity of 75% with 25 degrees C and the days are long. From July to December the humidity increases 85% and the temperatures drop a little 20° C.


  • The climate is varied is divided into two periods: from December to June, with an average temperature of 26 º C. The rest of the year with a temperature of 19 º C.


  • Birdwatching: watching multicolored birds that delight not only with their presence but with all the pleasant sounds they emit in soft harmonic melodies.
  • Surf: Its waters lend themselves to the practice of surfing.

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