Nono - Alaspungo Mountain biking route


Hit the route that takes you to natural Nono as it gathers all the ingredients for mountain biking and other outdoor activities such as trekking, horseback riding and bird watching.  Located behind the Rucu Pichincha massifs in a small valley mainly dedicated to livestock and agricultural activity, with friendly inhabitants and lush vegetation, it is the starting point of several cycling routes.

Nono Tourism

The Nono - Alaspungo route is developed by busy little dirt roads that offer beautiful and unique landscapes to the visitor. Its 13 kms extension make it a short and simple route for any

person, it has some prolonged ascents that deserve the effort, the reward is a spectacular view of the Rucu Pichincha and Guagua Pichincha volcanoes. Towards the east and the west a kind of mattress of clouds over the lower lands.

Alaspungo is a community among the mountains of no more than 10 houses. Its inhabitants are always ready to give information and be kind to the visitors. From Alaspungo you can make the path of the Coluncos used by the Yumbos to move from Tulipe to the Mountain range. There are guided walks with local guides, they last for 4 hours approximately.

The route can be done at any time of the day due to its short duration, It is recommended to do it in the morning since in most afternoons the sector is cloudy.

Although it is a short and low level route, it is always advisable to take liquid and some food for the tour, especially if planned do the hike of the Coluncos.

The starting point is the central park of Nono, whose height above the sea level is 2,733, and at the arrival in Alaspungo is 3,058msnm

How to get there?

  • The Parish of San Miguel de Nono is 18 kilometers away to the northwest of Quito, it takes  approximately 45 minutes to get there. You must take the Occidental  Avenuealong the north-south lane, at the height of the Mena del Hierro neighborhood, where is the new El Condado overpass, you must turn right and continue along that path without any detour. As an additional reference, before arriving at Nono must pass through the Rundupamba sector.
  • Another option is to reach the Y sector in the north of Quito, continue along from Av. De la Prensa to Fernández Salvador Street in San Carlos, take a left to Av. Machala and continue north on this avenue that crosses the Av. Occidental and enters directly to the Mena del Hierro neighborhood.
  • The road to Nono has paved and cobbled parts. There is parking on weekends in the central square with a person from the parish who takes care of the vehicles.
  • If you do not go by car it is possible to hire rental services of vans in the Ophelia market on Av. Diego de Vásquez.

Nono type of route

  • The route is a round trip circuit along the same path.
  • It begins in the central square of Nono and ends in that same place.


  • 100% cicleable route. There are no cuts in the road or sections in which bicycle circulation is not expedited. The route is shared with vehicles, although traffic in the area is low, it is recommended to use caution and always keep right.

Nono type of land

  • The roads along which the Nono - Alaspungo route is developed are of compact earth in its entirety.

Physical level

  • The Nono - Alaspungo route can be considered as a route of medium physical level, regardless of whether it is done one way or return from Nono to Alaspungo. It has some long ascents.

Technical level

  • The technical level of the route is medium. All sections can be done on a bike.

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