Vulcano Park

Discover here, address, how to get there, costs, promotions and more. Come have fun at VulQano Park. A high altitude amusement park in Quito.

Vulqano Park

It is one of the main attractions of the city of Quito, which has electronic games, video, online sports, dexterity, virtual simulators with cutting-edge technology. Offering its visitors entertainment through the varied attraction, suitable for each audience.

On April 29, 2005 the megaproject Teleférico was inaugurated with the presence of Mayor Paco Moncayo, councilmen, media and special guests.

Vulqano Park is at the base of TelefériQo, the transport from Quito to the east side of Pichincha. The Cable Car is one of the highest air transport systems in the world and has a wide selection of restaurants, cafes and shops on the summit, at 3,945 meters (12,943 feet) above sea level. After a nice day at the amusement park, hop on the cable car to Cruz Loma's viewpoint. Let yourself be amazed by the spectacular view of Quito and the mountains around it. From here you can start an excursion to Rucu, one of the two peaks of the Pichincha. The tour will take you approximately three hours, and it is recommended that you travel with a local guide.

Vulcano Park Quito

Information for tourists who want to enjoy the Vulcan amusement park:

  • Vulcano park address Located on the outskirts of Quito Calle Juana Miranda s/n and Av. Mariscal Sucre (Occidental) at the height of Av. La Gasca, Vulqano Park is about 5 kilometers (just over 3 miles) north of the Plaza de la Independencia and the historic center. Admission is free, although individual rides and games have separate costs.
    • Vulcano park how to get there There are several bus lines that reach the Vulqano Park, from Av. Occidental to the amusement park we have a free internal bus:
  • Bus lines from the South: All will take you to the two bridges where you can take the San Carlos - Occidental bus.
    • Chillogallo - Olympic Stadium
    • Chillogallo - Mariana de Jesús
    • Ecuadorian - San Roque
    • Secutrans - Cdla The Army
    • Winners - Tunnels
    • Bus lines from downtown:
    • Marin - Western Rapitrans
    • Bus lines from the North:
    • San Carlos - Occidental.
    • Middle of the World
    • Interprovincial Buses
  • Vulcano park promotions the extra quota that vulqano gives you serves for all the attractions except for those who deliver prizes and coupons.
    • Top up $20 free $3
    • Top up $30 free $20
    • Top up $40 free $30
    • Top up $50 free $40
    • Top up $70 free $70
    • Refill $100 free $100
  • Vulcano park games It is the largest fixed amusement park in the country. It has more than 26 attractions among which the roller coaster stands out.
  • Infantile Swings, carousels and carnival games.
  • Family Park attractions range from family mechanical swings, train rides and playgrounds for children, to exciting bungee rides and surf simulators. Take a few laps around the park's go-kart track or feel the excitement of the ejectable seat. Younger children's rides include a colorful pirate mini boat and a fun convoy race. Get some drinks and snacks at the food court or the restaurant in the visitor center.
  • Extreme Feel the adrenaline rush in the Vulqano Park or Catapult roller coasters.
  • Mondo Kart: Located inside the cable car amusement park, on the slopes of the Rucu Pichincha volcano, the Indor kart track is 350 meters long, 6 meters wide and extends over an area of 3000 m2. The route is delineated by tires, which allows the layout to be redesigned periodically. Events such as the Challenger are held here, where 200 people participate in groups of 15.
  • Track: It is an esplanade of 3,000 m2 built in a combination of cement and a special catalyst to provide greater grip for the circuits in case of rain, which contains inside a circuit composed of tires in groups of four rows of three wheels each joined by an elastic band.
  • Pilot Training School: The main idea of forming a pilot training school was due to the fact that its members include the experience of two professionals in the area of kantism, such as the professional pilot Mirko Furlato who competed with pilots of the stature of the Brazilian Rubens Barichello, Zanardi and many more.
  • Cable Car: The cable car is a transportation facility that operates on the principle of the up and down. The robustness and low maintenance of the structure have been determining factors in the choice for constructions located in high mountain, in diverse parts of the world. The cable car of the city of Quito has become a reality, and was built on the slopes of the Rucu Pichincha. This tourist attraction is added to those that the city has today.
  • Go kart: Characteristics of entertainment, adrenaline, attraction, emotion, speed and security; inviting to participate to schools, institutions, universities and to realize a diversity of events. The vehicles are ten go karts equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the racing machine will have seats that can be modified to adapt to different users, armored and compact structure to provide maximum safety. The uniforms to be delivered will be waterproof padded sweater, open helmet with visor for a good visualization. In the case of challengers or intercollegiate, complete uniforms will be provided.

General Restrictions on Attractions:

For your safety, we recommend not accessing the Attractions:

  • Pregnant women.
  • People under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs and people smoking.
  • People with heart disease, physical, neurological or any other kind of disability, except in extraordinary cases with the consent of a responsible adult relative.
  • People who, due to their size, cannot be comfortably placed in harnesses and safety harnesses of the attraction.

New Vulcano Park

You can enjoy Vulcano Park Express at its second meeting point Vulcano Park Eloy Alfaro.

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