Best craft beer places in Quito

Enjoying a good craft beer is possible in Ecuador, taste its special flavor, stroll through the steep streets of Quito and discover the corners where this exquisite drink is sold.

Craft beer in the historic center of Quito

Between narrow streets and steep slopes Quito is beautiful in all its corners, with balconies full of geraniums and old constructions that over time have become places of chatter, cafés and places of distraction, which are accompanied by a good beer handmade. 10,000 years ago BC, the drink was part of large banquets in Egypt, Rome, Mesopotamia, Greece and more civilizations; and it was one of the best creations of humanity. In the beginning it was considered as a giver of energy, minerals and vitamins for the great builders of humanity. In those years it was banned in the historic 'Code of Hamurabi’.

Already in the middle ages, Germany takes the post in the production of craft beer, so, in 1516 the 'Law of Beer Purity ' is decreed  by William IV, on this date the composition is defined: barley malt, hops and water. With the spread of Christianity in the world, the production of craft beer intensified and the monasteries take the lead to produce this great drink with flavor, variety and uniqueness.     

We arrived in Quito, located in the country of the center of the world, here is a secret that we will reveal. The Franciscan religious were the first to make craft beer, giving the kick of luck to boost the manufacture of the drink, which is currently in more than 50 enterprises.  

Why talk about beer?

Simply because we like it and it relaxes us. There are places with good music, cozy atmosphere and especially good beer, spaces for eternal talks between friends and family, looking for a moment of distraction. These sites seek to promote the beer culture, which invites you to feel and enjoy the exclusive flavors, aromas, colors and blends, to give a taste of another level to your palate. 


Justin, Nelson and Ryan have the same passion “craft beer”. Two Ecuadorians and one American are the ones who promote, disseminate and share their beer knowledge with Ecuadorian entrepreneurs. Thus, the country has more than 50 breweries, which are mostly visited by women, an important market, which simply drinks, enjoys and shares.

Here are some of the places in the capital where you can enjoy a good beer :   

  • Live beer: it has been established as a distribution space for several brands of craft beer. The drinks are diverse and can be chosen to suit the client's taste: blond, black or red, which are preserved with adequate temperatures. The blondes are lighter and refreshing, the red ones are more maltose, the black ones are chocolate, cocoa and coffee. This distribution point became the mandatory stop for those arriving in Quito, to share with friends and family .       
  • Bandidos Brewing: It is a gastro pub site located in the historic center of Quito, in a colonial building built in 1850. Six types of American-style beer are enjoyed, which can be accompanied by delicious artisanal pizzas and various snacks. The place has a different infrastructure, inside you can see a chapel. “ Beer is complex like wine and food; to drink it is to live a whole gastronomic experience”, says Ryan, owner of this place.           
  • Abysmo Brewery: “The best happiness and pleasure is to see those who come to this site with a big smile on their face,” says Nelson Calle, owner of the site. Here the beers have particular names Zeus, Aphrodite (the best selling), Apollo and more. It produces more than 8 styles of craft beer, which are inspired by the greatness of the gods of Olympus.      
  • Cherusker: If you want to stop at Plaza Foch, you also find the quality German winery in Ecuador, who make craft beers inspired by classic German and European styles.              

The beer industry has taken a big boost. The flavors of these drinks lead us to know interesting combinations with ginger, jamaica flower, cinnamon, guayusa, honey and more. Your palate will live an unparalleled experience.

What is the beer culture?

Since beer is the taste, try an extra or different touch to the traditional, is to combine flavors never before thought. For the consumer, it is time to perceive, feel, taste and enjoy the combination of their flavors and for the producer, it is the moment of creativity, to express a dream in a drink, and to seek in the creation the transmission of a passion, taste, sensations and joys. "It is NOT about getting drunk", but about enjoying exotic creations. 

Quito is an extraordinary space, the city is a place that marks secrets, creations, innovations, dreams, fun, and above all, it is the right place to learn about craft beer, because the beer boom is here to stay and grow

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