Surf in Montañita

Montañita is the mecca of Ecuadorian surfing. Montañita is known as the "City of Surfing", and has become a very attractive tourist destination for domestic and foreign tourists to practice this sport.
  • Montañita, the mecca of Ecuadorian surfing in the country is one of the main tourist destinations, where there are more than the north and the south meet. Located in the Province of Santa Elena.    
  • Thousands of cultures, beliefs and gastronomy make Montañita a mandatory stop for tourists and surfers in Ecuador. 
  • Montañita is the ideal place where surf lovers can do this sport by challenging the waves that usually reach a height up to three meters.  
  • Strong, constant waves make Montañita a great place to live the surfer lifestyle.

The city of surfing

  • Since the end of October 2016 Montañita is the “ Surf City ”, thanks to the effort and work of each of its citizens, who are promoting a campaign to strengthen the new face of this city for the world. This was stated by the World Surf  Cities Network (WSCN), an entity created in Europe, which includes cities with an important activity related to surfing, as well as tourist and cultural attractions, which seek to develop the surf industry in their respective territories.    
  • Montañita thus becomes the eleventh city to form this Association worldwide and the third in South America, (Chile and Brazil, also make up the group).
  • The WSCN aims to promote the consolidation and creation of new local companies linked to surfing; collaboratively improve the definition and implementation of local strategies for the development of the surf sector; improve the positioning of the cities attached to the network as a surf tourism destination, contributing to the concept of “ surf tourism linked to the enjoyment of the city ”. 
  • With this achievement Montañita is shown differently to the world, as the city’s tourism development is increasing. The locals are working hard on issues related to security and empathy, in order to achieve optimum quality for visitors.