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Ambato is located in the Province of Tungurahua, it is a modern poem of commercial and cultural development, in a region with natural grace. Find here the tourist guide of Ambato 


The canton Ambato is the capital of the province of Tungurahua and known nationally as the "City of Flowers and Fruits" , or also "Cradle of the Three Juanes" appellants earned so much for their culture as per its traditions, it is a vibrant populated center that is currently one of the most important capitals of the central region of Ecuador.

This city is surrounded by beautiful volcanoes and snowy mountains such as Tungurahua, Chimborazo and Carihuayrazo.

The climate of the area is temperate to be located in a narrow Andean valley.

Ambato comes from the word Hambatu or Jambatu , which in kichwa means tadpole , or green and black toad; amphibian that inhabited the entire area of the Ambato River, which crosses the city.    

Ambato land of flowers, this city has an impressive amount of cultural and tourist attractions, its history has contributed greatly to the development of national culture.

It is a city that throughout its existence has had to overcome devastating earthquakes that have left their mark on the infrastructure of the city and the memory of the population.

Tourist Attractions of Ambato

Ambato, Ecuador has historic streets , Architecture and Culture in Ambato , knowing important sites that involve history and indelible memories to the people who travel through it.   

The cultural tour extends through the Cathedral , the Portal House , the Government Headquarters , the La Providencia School , the Miraculous Medal Church , the Pachano Lalama Cultural Center , the Juan Benigno Vela Museum , the Edmundo Martínez Pictorial Museum , among others such as:  

  • Ficoa Juan Montalvo Country House: It has an exhibition of photographs. You can also appreciate clothing, furniture and writings by Juan Montalvo. 
  • Casa de Montalvo: It is a Greek-style building, it has a mausoleum of Juan Montalvo was in life, and some montalvinas relics. 

  • Martínez Holguín Historical Museum: A museum dedicated to the Martínez Holguín family  

  • Juan León Mera Museum House: This museum house has several manuscripts by the writer Juan León Mera, learn more about his bibliography, outdoor spaces, and have an encounter with nature.

  • Cevallos and Montalvo Park: In the center you can enjoy a natural environment walking with family or friend 

  • Provincial Family Park: Places that allow you to enjoy ornamental plants, and enjoy the charm of nature as a family. 

  • Atocha-La Liria Botanical Garden: The ideal place to get to know the flora and birds. 

  • Mi Huerta: An experiential tourist farm. 

Climate of the City of Flowers and Fruits 

Ambato, Tungurahua.- The climate of Ambato is classified as warm and temperate. It is a lot of rain in Ambato, even in the driest month. The average temperature in Ambato is 14.6 ° C. Precipitation is 504 mm per year.   

Typical Ambato food

Ambato gastronomy

The Gastronomy of the city is marked by the influence of the parishes that compose it, there are deliciously representative dishes of Ambato, among them the colada morada that is sold in the parish of Atocha , where around 21 women members of the Association November 2 daily prepare this exquisite stew, where the best company is onion empanadas or traditional bread buses .  

Another of the gastronomic wonders are the motes (hard maize) from the Central and Modelo Market, which are pleasing to locals and strangers. According to the comments of the loclas themselves, they have a magical touch that makes them special, perhaps part of that secret is found in the tradition of the sellers for more than 45 years baking this delicacy in a wooden oven. 

Another of Ambato's traditional dishes is Pinllo Hens, which are visited by tourists from different cities in Ecuador. From beauty queens to presidents of the Republic they have passed through this area, which contains a history full of charms and customs. Tourists say that the taste and peanut sauce are the main attractions of the overwhelming dish.  

The Llapingachos are another of the traditional delicacies that you can find in markets and restaurants of this city, is that part of the identity of this dish identifies not only this canton but the entire province of Tungurahua .  

Culture and traditions of the Land of Flowers and Fruits

The tourist attractions of the city are full of inherited culture for centuries. You can easily find a story that will captivate you in each street.

During the carnival season in Ambato one of the biggest cultural festivals of the nation takes place, “The festival of flowers and fruits” .  A popular festival characterized by parades, night events and cultural activities that captivate national and foreign visitors.

History of Ambato

Date of Spanish foundation: December 6, 1698 by Antonio de Clavijo

Independence Date: November 12, 1820

The history of the city of Ambato is intensely linked to that of the three Juanes, which is nothing other than three of the most important intellectuals in the region and that would leave not only the name of the city high, but all over Ecuador, on the one hand we have the most brilliant Ecuadorian journalists of the republican era; Juan Montalvo, who would become an important reference in Latin American journalism. On the other hand, the great writer Juan León Mera, remembered nationally for his work Cumandá and for being the one who wrote the national anthem of the nation and finally Juan Benigno Vela who would be a brilliant politician who would later influence the most progressive ideas of liberalism in Ecuador. 

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