Provincial Family Park in Ambato

This park is spectacular, it is one of the most visited in Ecuador. In it you can observe an agroecological farm, enjoy a picnic, do sports, practice photography, motocross and hiking. An essential point for tourists visiting Tungurahua.

What should you know?

  • The Provincial Family Park represents an icon of the province of Tungurahua for its large gardens, roads, green and sports areas, which make this, one of the most visited places in the city of      
  • 57 hectares comfort this park, created by the Honorable Provincial Government of Tungurahua, entity manage this place turn it into the tourist attraction of learning, recreation and multiple entertainment most visited by national and international tourists.  
  • The entry of people has no cost. The parking lot is 1 dollar per vehicle. 
  •  We attend from Thursday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Weekends and holidays from 08:00 to 18:00
  • They also have sanitary batteries, bars, nursing service in case of emergencies throughout the park, and they also have a van for transportation for the elderly or people with disabilities. 
  • Provincial Family Park How to get there?
    • It is located in the sector of Palama belonging to Ambatillo Parish , 7 kilometers from the Ambato - Quisapincha road, approximately 20 minutes by car. 
    • From Ambato you must take the Quisapincha route and be guided by the information labels. The entrance to this road is located in Los Guaytambos and Delicia street, in front of the Supermaxi of the Ficoa sector. The bus stop that leads to Quisapincha Parish, is located in the Cashapamba Exchange Center, the cost of the ticket is 0.35 cents

Activities to do in the Parque de La Familia

The park is divided into 4 zones, the first one is the active recreation area, which is for sports, there we will find basketball, soccer, volleyball, indorphootball courts , motocross, bicicross and aeromodelling tracks . The second zone is passive recreation, it is an area for the contemplation of nature. Here you can find a farm and also different agroecology crops, fruit orchards, where visitors can harvest the fruits they can consume inside the park. The third one is a camping area and the fourth is the picnic area, where people can make their roasts. 

Passive Recreation Area

Additionally they have 6 km walking routes for those who wish to practice high performance walking and walking. They are located at 3,000 meters above sea level. You will be able to know extensive areas of gardens and fruit orchards, Reading roundabout , Civic Square with the flag of the Province of Tungurahua flying, lagoon with ducks , various playgrounds , areas for: Camping and Picnic , as well as walkways that allow direct contact with nature To complement this area there are drinking fountains, sanitary batteries and nursing service.               

Have fun and get to know the agroecological farm interacting with our cows, goats, sheep, rabbits, guinea pigs, field chickens, alpacas and donkeys, you can take a picture with them; also learn the process of growing our medicinal plants , clean vegetables and preparing organic fertilizers .      

Small square for craft fairs where our skilled craftsmen exhibit a wide variety of works. This activity is done two Sundays in the month and holidays.

It also has a Convention and Event Center that has the Palama and Quillalli rooms, meeting room, living room, cafeteria, colorful gardens and permanent exhibition of paintings of the nine cantons of Tungurahua and its gastronomic, water, productive and ethnic.   

You can also enjoy lagoons with carp fish, ecological trails and viewpoints. 

This space is really beautiful, well maintained and above all, it is a site of contact with nature, as to recharge and have fun with family and friends

Active Recreation Area
Parking for 240 vehicles and a Distribution Square in which the Visitor Service Center is located, Souvenir Center where T-shirts, key chains and caps with the park logo are sold; Automatic sanitary batteries for people with special abilities and seniors.  

On the sports courts you can practice basketball , soccer , indoor and volleyball, people with special abilities can also have fun with a multi-use court implemented in agreement with CONADIS.        

From the highest viewpoint of Ambato you can have an excellent panoramic view of the city and enjoy the beauty of the Water Monument and observe the process of water purification.    

For professionals and events at national and international level: Tracks for motocross, bicicross and aeromodelling.

Common services:

  • Roads exclusively for pedestrian use
  • Viewpoints located in the two areas of the park where, beyond observing the city of Ambato, you can see the mountainous profile that surrounds us. 
  • Nurses located in the two areas of the park and with trained staff. 
  • Bars and sanitary batteries permanently available to visitors. 
  • Selective transportation for the elderly or disabled disabled on Sundays..

Historical review of the Provincial Family Park in Ambato

This beautiful park is a space of the provincial Government of Tungurahua, which was destined to be a meeting place, where families have a quality space, and where they could share, interact and also enjoy nature. This space was inaugurated in 2008, has been open to the public for 11 years. In that space of 57 hectares more than 4 million people have already been received. 

Before, where this beautiful park is now, it was a farm called “ El Rosal ” belonging to the Tinajero family, who sold that land to the provincial government, who acquired it specifically to create this park and provide this space for all citizens.