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Baños, a paradise. My hometown

Under the spell of a faint music, drinking the scent of a wild coffee, as if hanging in the emptiness of abyss, I see the afternoon fall. The mountains are covering in the sunset, the clouds that have come out of their daytime hiding place are dressed in bright colors and shapes, giving off sober glares that draw evening profiles.

The city of Baños falls asleep in an instant and so, very suddenly, the lights emerge through its streets and parks turning it into a floating garden in the dark void of the mist.

The towers of the church become masterful, with charming colors, giving the perfect balance to the majesty of the landscape. The mountains have become lethargic, floating among the clouds, hung at night. Life becomes very serene.

Fascinated by those effects and experiential contrasts that remain etched in the deepest of feelings, between the ephemeral and the eternal, my spirit returns serene and perches silently in the silence of this captivating place and returns calmly, drunk with perceptive perceptions, until returning again in other afternoons, to dissipate here; Human tiredness

Baños, Ecuador

At the footstep of the Tungurahua Volcano is located the beautiful city of Baños de Agua Santa, it is an entrance from the highlands to the Amazon. Its innumerable tourist places are what make this place an ideal destination for people looking to spend pleasant and fun moments either in its famous waterfalls, cool off in the hot springs or it is also a good place for those looking to put an adrenaline rush in their lives is no longer in vain known as the adventure capital.

Here you can have the opportunity to do all kinds of adventure sports including canopy, canyoning, climbing, trekking, cycling, paragliding, rafting, horseback riding between the main activities. Added to all this, is the great vegetative abundance of the place which makes Baños a unique experience, since you can get to see beautiful landscapes and meet beautiful animals of their fauna. Baños is a destination desired by tourists likewise Galapagos and Quilotoa where nature is the protagonist, you can also appreciate the beauty of the city of Riobamba where El Chimborazo, El Altar, Tungurahua are volcanoes that adorn the landscape.

Baños is known as the door to the Amazon of Ecuador, which is why it is part of the Sangay National Park and the Llanganates National Park,  recognized as National Heritage of Ecuador.

    Having said all this, do not miss the opportunity to visit this magical place full of natural charms and beauties, emphasizing that the inhabitants of the place have put all the love and effort in each of their works so that Baños is what it is today, a place of great tourist importance within Ecuador.

Gastronomic managers offer high quality products as well. The food allows tourists to enjoy the different textures and flavors of the Baños seasoning (typical dishes of Baños), you can also taste a tasty drink that they bring from Loja, called horchata, the exquisite chocolate from Ambato and a good ceviche. The artisans who make true works of art that have given relevance to the nature, as well as the identity and culture of Ecuador.

Baños Ecuador How to get there?

If you visit this fascinating place, then we will try to give you all the necessary tips so that you have the best of your trips and to begin we show you how you can get to Baños from the following destinations:

  1. How to get from Guayaquil to Baños?
  2. How to get from Quito to Baños?
  3. How to get from Cuenca to Baños?
  4. How to get from Montañita to Baños?

Baños has a network of urban buses

  1. Baños - Belllavista - Runtún - El Copete Alto
  2. Baños - El Salado / Zoo
  3. Baños - Santa Ana - Ulba - Agoyán - Río Blanco - Río Verde
  4. Bus station

Baños de Agua Santa Hotels

If you plan to stay more than one day, the first thing you need is to find where to stay for this reason in the following link we will reveal which hotels are the best to book accommodation in Baños ando you can decide which one you like best:

Baños de Agua Santa Tourism

Baños has become a magical town of Ecuador, where you will be surprised by the Tourist Places of Baños de Agua Santa and be captivated with this wonderful city, rich in tradition and especially by its biodiversity that is what has made it recognized by all the tourists who have visited the place. Do not hesitate and visit Baños!.

One of the provinces of Ecuador, which stands out in adventure tourism offer is Tungurahua. And the city of Baños, is the scene where every holiday or weekend is attended by thousands of national and foreign tourists who arrive in a small town in search of fun, entertainment and rest, thus contributing to tourism in Ecuador.

The visitor movement, which according to the tourism agency of the Municipality of Baños fluctuates between 750 and 900 thousand annually, attracted by natural benefits such as the active volcano Tungurahua, rivers and waterfalls.

"Every day national and foreign tourists arrive, but the number grows on weekends and holidays," said Nancy Arias, who works in a small food kiosk on the White River Bridge, where visitors find several sports options adventure.

Among the most popular are the canopy, which consists of crossing from one shore to another from a considerable height through a cable; the vacuum ball (jump into a steel sphere) or the bridge jump.

The Guayaquil tourist Nicole Cevallos experienced one of those experiences when jumping from the Río Blanco bridge. "It was spectacular, at first I was very scared but because of the encouragement and confidence of the instructor I could do it," she claimed.

Other tourist attractions are giant swings such as the one in Fantasia de Volar, managed by Miller Guevara, or the one in the Tree House, located in the Runtún viewpoint.

In this Andean town that houses about 24,000 inhabitants you can see churches such as the Cathedral where the faithful catholics go daily and also those who only want to admire the architectural wealth.

The Orquidiario, which is on the road to Pailón del Diablo, is another beauty of Baños, where tourists can find several types of this flower native to the area. In your visit you cannot miss the famous marshmallows, guava sweets or cane juice; as well as the handmade and textile production that is exhibited in the center of the city.

Climate of Baños de Agua Santa

  • The climate of Baños is one more reason why you should visit this charming place, as expected the climate of Ecuador itself is always very varied can go from an incandescent sun to a rainy afternoon, but this is what makes it unique. So, because of this, the average climate of the place ranges between 28 ° and 82 °.
  • We recommend you do not rely 100% on the climate pages since in the months of June to July, figures such as  0 ° to 5 ° are marked, this is only because the nearest weather station is near a volcano.  Remember that it never snows in Baños.

Travel Recommendations

  • Be careful with all kinds of people who offer lodging services, tours, tours, etc, who that frequent the terrestrial terminal, parks, streets or other places, since they do not give you any guarantee and you could be scammed and lose your money.
  • Remember that the tour operator agencies authorized by the Ministry of Tourism and the Department of Municipal Tourism are the only ones authorized to offer the services of the different tours.
  • When you stay, certify the cost of the same, with the price list that the hotels have the obligation to display to the guests, in a visible place.
  • Visit our communities, in each of them you will find an intimate contact with nature.
  • When you visit our tourist trails, stay on the trail, respecting the signage and return the trash with you to deposit it in the dumps.
  • It is forbidden to extract wild species of animals and plants, remember that the trafficking of species is a crime punishable by law.            

Distances to cities from Baños

  1. From Baños to Manta / Distance: 489 km. / Time: 8h 21m        
  2. From Baños to Guayaquil / Distance: 306 km. / Time: 5h43m        
  3. From Baños to Quito / Distance: 192 km. / Time: 3h07m        
  4. From Baños to Cuenca / Distance: 335 km. / Time: 6h05m           
  5. From Baños to Machala / Distance: 367 km. / Time: 7h10m          
  6. From Baños to Puyo / Distance: 61 km. / Time: 1h20m        
  7. From Baños to Tena / Distance: 140 km. / Time: 2h35m        
  8. From Baños to Riobamba / Distance: 77.8 km. / Time: 1h35m          
  9. From Baños to Ambato / Distance: 40.4 km. / Time: 1h03m       

Temporary Shelters

They are temporary shelter areas in case of a volcanic eruption.

  1. The Aguacatal        
  2.  Municipal Coliseum:        
  3.  ISPED Institute        
  4. San Vicente Stadium        
  5. Santa Ana        
  6. La Ciénega         

Important Phone Numbers

  2.  Municipality of Baños: (03) 2740 421/2740 458        

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