Treehouse - Baños

The Tree House in Baños Ecuador is a viewpoint where you get an excellent view of the imposing Tungurahua volcano. Discover here, the End of the World Swing, address, schedules, prices, history and more.

The tree house Baños information

  • La casa del Arbol address - This site is 2660 meters high above the sea level, and is located at the Runtún farmhouse.
  • How to get to the Casa del Arbol and the End of the World Swing - from Baños there are tours that go every day to the tree house leaving at 10h00, 12h00 and 16h00, the cost ranges between $ 6 and $ 10.  If you choose a bus, the schedules are as follows: 05h45 / 11H00 / 14h00 / 16h00 or you can rent bikes or motor bikes that range from 15 to 20 USD. It can also be reached by car.
  • The entrance to the complex has a cost of 1 dollar, and is open from 07h00 to 19h00, the gastronomic offer has an average price of 3 dollars.
  • Getting to Casa del Arbol from Baños takes an estimated time of 45 minutes.
  • What you should bring to Treehouse Baños
    • Sunblock
    • Glasses
    • Warm clothes
    • Chamber

The Treehouse History

Baños de Agua Santa is a wonderful place that is located at the foot of the Tungurahua volcano in the Runtún area, having so a seat in the front row for the show that this one offers us, since this is an active volcano and you can see a smoke fungus from far, even if it is an incomparable view, this reminds us that we must always keep our respect with mother earth, being the rumblings that are heard from the volcano a sample of how powerful that can be.

Some say that 14 years ago, when the inhabitants of Baños returned to their homes after the evacuation that lasted a year, Mr. Carlos Sánchez a local of Baños by birth made the decision to build a treehouse, but he did it on the edge of the hill. When the work was completed, and the treehouse was built the word spread, and visitors from everywhere began to arrive, the fabulous view where you can appreciate the landscape attracts everyone's eyes, additionally the treehouse has a swing that serves as entertainment.

Treehouse Baños

  • The famous tree house is nothing but an elevated wooden cabin near a precipice, as a curious fact that natural channel indicates the volcanologists is where lava would descend. When tourists attend this place you can see the concern of their faces but soon they are reassured since Don Carlos tells them he has a shelter to protect yourself in case of the volcano, you will vote the incandescent rocks.
  • When the Tungurahua is without activity and calm, as Carlitos comments, it is easier to serve the people who visit the place. 'Carlitos' as some call  him has all the time in the world to better serve those who visit, there he talks about his job as a lookout and giving talks about the volcanic activity of Tungurahua.
  • Those who meet in this place have the opportunity to admire the Tungurahua volcano in first row, without missing any detail.

The Tree House Tourism

  • The best place to observe the Tungurahua Volcano is without a doubt some  the treehouse in Baños de Agua Santa without a doubt one of the best tourist places of Ecuador.
  • • The treehouse in Baños is one of the most popular tourist destinations, has modifications made while retaining the visitor’s safety in a beautiful tourist attraction. In this place you can see the majesty of the Tungurahua volcano.
  • • In your travel adventures in Baños, you cannot miss the opportunity to taste the delicious local cuisine and spoil your palate.

End of the world swing

Admiring the Ecuadorian Andes from this place will be an experience that will wrap your senses, you will enjoy the lovely landscapes. Additionally you can enjoy a meal accompanied by your friends or family. If you are a lover of nature, the landscapes in this place will surprise you, including the best view of the Tungurahua Volcano and the mountains surrounding the city of Baños.

Here you can also perform other adventure activities such as canopy, hiking or challenge your balance in the sticks or simply to delight yourself with a tasty appetizer from the Ecuadorian Andes.

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