Tarabita en Mindo en el Santuario de las cascadas de Mindo

La Tarabita was built to help old people admire the tropical forests of Nambillo Ecological Reserve in Mindo at 150 meters high, in order to observe the magnificent ecosystem in this cloud forest.

What should you know?

  • This tourist attraction is in the Nambillo-Mindo Ecological Reserve 
  • In this attraction a cart on a cable will take you through an incredible landscape and will save you time to reach the entrance to the well-known " Waterfall Sanctuary ". Each car has the capacity to carry up to 6 people and is perfect for families or groups alike.
  • In La Tarabita, you will travel over the mountains and end at the entrance to 7 waterfalls where you can choose which one to visit. You can go to the Nambillo Waterfall 15 minutes and then deviate about 30 minutes to reach the Reina Waterfall, all within a virgin tropical forest that is part of a private property but whose owner has decided to preserve it for tourists.
  • The pass includes a round trip in the tarabita. The walk is individual.

Tarabita de Mindo & Waterfall Sanctuary

Tarabita de Mindo and Cascada Sanctuary How to get there?

  • From the Mindo village , you can buy a bicycle ride (included in the Mindo Bucket Pass) uphill (7 km), or take a taxi for $ 6 USD, or walk in a landscape is simply spectacular.

Tarabita de Mindo and Cascada Sanctuary Recommendations: 

  • Be sure to wear comfortable and durable shoes and clothes, a swimsuit, a camera to take photos (waterproof) and plenty of water for the walk!
  • At the entrance they will give you a map that helps you get to the waterfalls and the person who receives you at the arrival of the tarabita will also give you their personal recommendations. Although the nearest waterfall is a 15 minute walk away, the "Reina" waterfall that is 1 hour away, worth a visit.
  • We do not recommend this for travelers who cannot walk easily or long distances.

What's near?

  • La Tarabita de Mindo is almost at the top of the mountain, if you have come this far surely you have already gone from Mindo Canopy, where you could enjoy 10 lines of canopy and adrenaline. This attraction, included in your pass, and is 200 meters down on the same route.    
  • Orquideario de Mindo: A fabulous collection in its natural environment, providing beauty and color. A representative flower of Ecuador.   
  • Mariposario de Mindo: A place dedicated to the research and protection of butterflies, which flutter everywhere with their magnificent colors. 

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