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Puerto Baquerizo Moreno

For those looking for alternatives to cruises and excursions in Galapagos, Puerto Baquerizo Moreno presents a variety of options for charming excursions in Ecuador.

Puerto Baquerizo Moreno Tourism

Capital of the Galapagos Paradise

Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, is the administrative capital of the province of Galapagos, a place with several tourist activities and options of accommodation, shops, Internet cafes, banks, telephone centers, restaurants and travel agencies. It has a population of more than 6,672 inhabitants and is the second most populated island after Puerto Ayora.        

Tourist Places of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno:

  • One of the biggest attractions of the Island, especially for surfers. Formerly only Montañita (in the province of Guayas ) was the center of operations for Ecuadorian and foreign surfing elites, now the port is also a destination desired by these wave riders.    
  • Among other attractions of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno are the Pier along which is the Municipality of San Cristóbal, the Captaincy of the Port, the Galápagos Chamber of Tourism, the sale of souvenirs, among others. Within this town, mainly of fishermen, we find a lot of friendly sea lions, both on the beaches and on the boats or in the squares.  
  • Cerro Tijeras: Known by this name for the frigates observed there, this site is ideal for bathing and snorkeling. You can see frigates and the beautiful Wreck Bay, as well as the city. In addition, you can walk the self-guided trails. 
  • Punta Carola: One of the most beautiful islands of San Cristóbal, it is just 10 minutes away from Puerto Baquerizo Moreno.  
  • Canyon: Excellent site for activities such as surfing. 

Puerto Baquerizo Weather

It is extremely arid, it has two distinct seasons: a hot season and a cool season. The temperature has a particular behavior, since for every 100 m of elevation the temperature decreases by 1 ° C. Also, the rainfall varies from 350 to 1,800 mm, at altitudes ranging from 0 to 700 meters above sea level.

Regarding the climate, the heat is strong in the month of January, when the sun's rays impact perpendicularly during the midday, warming the coastal waters giving way to the courtship of certain species that come to these coasts to mate, including the stingray. The heat decreases at the end of April, when a period of cooler weather begins.

Gastronomy of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno

  • Sailor Rice: Also known as rice with seafood, is a very popular dish not only in the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador, but throughout Latin America. It is a traditional dish of the coastal areas and, for this reason, it is among the main dishes of Galapagos.    
  • Cod with potatoes: Cod with potatoes is a simple recipe, described as “humble” by many natives of the Galapagos Islands, in which once again fish (cod) is the star ingredient, as it happens in most typical dishes of the Peruvian coast. 
  • Bolón de verde: One of the most important dishes of the Republic of Ecuador, especially in the Galapagos Islands. It is at the same time a national dish and more traditional dish of this South American country, based is the green banana. 
  • Ceviche de canchalagua: Before defining what this exquisite dish of the local gastronomy consists of, it is important to clarify what we mean when we talk about “canchalagua”. Canchalagua is an endemic mollusk of about 5 cm formed by a shell shaped shell and black. Although currently canchalagua ceviche is a popular dish throughout the Galapagos, it is especially typical of the island of San Cristóbal, the easternmost of the archipelago. The ceviche or ceviche of canchalagua is a coveted dish that currently can only be consumed in three of the twenty restaurants on the island.       
  • Seafood soup:  A very typical and traditional recipe of the Galapagos Islands.  As in the case of marine rice, in a seafood soup you can add all kinds of seafood, that is, fish and shellfish. It is a dish that is currently consumed throughout the country. 

History of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno

The Galapagos Islands were discovered on March 10, 1535 by Fray Tomás de Berlanga, who left a description of the five islands he saw. Tomás de Berlanga never claimed them. 

The Spaniards gave the first names to the islands, "the old Spanish names", but it has not been possible to identify with certainty which ones they correspond to, for lack of a reliable map. The first one who built a map and named eight islands was the English pirate Cowley in 1684, but in an ambiguous way, since the 'Charles Island' is confused with the Floreana, Hispaniola or San Cristobal Island.