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Ecuador is a paradise located in the center of the world, multiethnic and multicultural. The best destination for tourism in South America, You can know more about the country of the four worlds.

Ecuador Tourism

  • When was Ecuador founded? August, 10th 1809
  • Ecuador capital: Quito
  • Ecuador was born as republic on May, 13th 1830 after to become a free and independent country from Spain and to separate from Colombia.  In house times this territory was called the Southern District.
  • Ecuador is privileged by its geographical location. It is made up of four regions: coast, hilands, islands (Galapagos), and the amazon. Also Ecuador is conformed by 24 provinces with their capitals. Every trip, every corner you visit will be a new adventure, a life experience.
  • Tourism Ecuador, It is possible to practice many touristic activities such as adventure sports diving, canopy  are some examples of it, it is possible to enjoy of gastronomic tourism, religious tourism, popular festivals, national celebrations, natural places, and rural tourism.
  • Ecuador is owns of a broad historical and cultural richness, beautiful landscapes, charming beaches, magical waterfalls, imposing volcanoes, snow capped mountains, exotic jungles, with friendly people, and has an extraordinary gastronomic culture. Really a destination that will be unforgettable

Ecuador Borders

Ecuador country has an extension of 283,561 561 km² conformed by its continental territory and Galapagos Islands.

To the north of Ecuador is Colombia, the Mataje river is the natural border (01º 28 ’10.50).To the south and east is Perú, with the conjunction of the San Francisco river and the Chinchipe river (05º 00' 56), and the conjunction of the Napo river and the Aguarico river (75º 11 ’49) respectively, finally is the Darwin Island, (Galapagos) (91º 59' 55) to the west in the Ocean Pacific.

What is the weather like in Ecuador?

Ecuador is a intertropical country, because its position in any of its region it is possible to talk about seasons: however it is possible to say that there is a kind of winter and summer season, the first one is defined from december to may and the second one from june to november. Thought the year there is constant temperatures. It is possible to experience a difference between the hottest month and coldest month of the year no greater than 2 ° C. Consequently, there are two periods, one dry improperly called summer, and the other rainy also improperly called winter.

Average temperatures by region:

  • Coast: between 22 ° C to 26 ° C
  • Andes: between 13 ° C and 16 ° C, the variation in the temperature between day and night.
  • Amazon: between 24 ° C and 30 ° C.
  • Galapagos: between 17 ° C and 25 ° C, january to april are the the rainiest months of the year.

Places of cultural tourist interest in Ecuador

Tourism Ecuador, "If any country deserves the title of the best kept secret that is Ecuador."

Ecuador is among the most diverse countries in the world, that is why National Geographic ranked Ecuador within the 10 best tourist destinations by adventure tourism.

Historic City Center of Quito, Middle of the World, Ruins of Ingapirca, Historic City Center of Cuenca, Latacunga, and much more. Visit Ecuador!

Natural tourist attractions in Ecuador

  • Galapagos Islands, Yasuni National Park, El Cajas National Park, Sangay National Park, Podocarpus National Park, Vilcabamba, Baños Ecuador.
  • Snowfall and volcanoes: Antisana, Cayambe, Chimborazo, Cotopaxi Ecuador, Illinizas.
  • The Chimborazo is the highest volcano and mountain of Ecuador. Its peak is the furthest point from the center of the Earth, and "the closest point to the Sun". It is believed that his last eruption occurred around 550 AD. C.
  • Beaches: Crucita, Atacames, Caráquez Bay, Esmeraldas, Manta Ecuador, Salinas Ecuador, Montañita Ecuador
  • The fascinating Magical towns of Ecuador

Most important cities in Ecuador

  • Quito Ecuador.- Quito es the capital of ecuador, here are located the five branches of the state and the palace of Carondelet were the president of the nation exercises his mandate. Quito was recognized by UNESCO as Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Additionally, it has been the best tourist destination of the World Travel Word awards. In this place it is marked by traditions and legends and has a great cultural legacy.
  • Guayaquil Ecuador.- It is the most populated city  of Ecuador and it is the principal port. Guayaquil has developed as a national and international tourist destination, hosting international fairs and events. The downtown of ​​Guayaquil is one of the most important touristic places.
  • Cuenca Ecuador.- Regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in Ecuador thaks to its colonial and republican architecture. It is ideal for cultural, religious, gastronomic or rest tourism. Cueca was declared cultural heritage of Humanity by Unesco. Other important cities are: Baños, Manta, Salinas, Loja Ecuador, Machala, Santo Domingo, Salinas, Santa Cruz and Tena.

National Symbols of Ecuador

Popular Festivals of Ecuador

  • June 21Inti Raymi summer solstice is celebrated in the Ecuadorian highlands to thank the Inti -God Sun- for the abundance of harvest and the Pachamama (Mother Earth) for caring for and blessing crops. The popular festival is characterized by dancers wearing their heads decorated with mirrors, sequins and feathers.
  • The Black Mama.- This festival is known as the Blessed Tragedy. Held in Latacunga, Cotopaxi Province. The Black mama is a magical ceremony that reveals the lives of different peoples conceived in their miscegenation. It is held first in the month of september, as a feast of devotees and the second date is made in the first week of November as an anniversary of independence or political festivity of Latacunga
  • The Chonta of the Amazon.- held on may, the time of greatest production of the chonta, an Amazon fruit.
  • The Montubio Rodeo.- Popular festivities full of colors, where riders parade and compete, there are distinguished men wearing typical costumes where hat is the essential accessory. The “Creole Bonita” contest chose a representative woman of the divers estates farms of the sector. The montubio rodeo is done as a remembrance to the Day of Interculturality and Plurinationality, on October 12. It is celebrate in towns such as Pimocha, Vinces and the surroundings of Balzar.
  • Other festivals.- Carnival, Carnival of Guaranda, Diablada in Pillaro, Feast of Flowers and Fruits in Ambato. See details of parties month by month in Popular Festivities Ecuador, Holidays Ecuador, Religious Parties Ecuador.

Typical foods of Ecuador

As part of the Ecuadorian Food it is possible to find a great variety of condiments, smells and flavours. Chocolate is present on the Ecuadorian table to delight with its delicate flavor and smell, product of the best cacao of the world. Ecuador a la Carte proposes experience the traditions of each of its provinces through the food, and the most important thing, the special touch of Ecuadorians is that they always put a bit of love on their dishes. We invite you to taste the best of Typical Dishes Ecuador.

With the just mentioned list of representative dishes of each region of Ecuador, we want to open the door of a holle word of a impressive gastronomy full of flavours.You can’t miss desserts and typical drinks such as Colada Morada, the Canelazo, the delicious Sweet of figs, the Espumilla, etc.

Communities, Nationalities and Peoples of Ecuador

Ecuador is a multiethnic country known for its cultural richness, stands out for having 13 popular indigenous nationalities for maintaining its identity in each of its villages.

  • Indigenous Nationalities Costa: Awá, Chachi, Epera, Tsáchila, Manta - Huancavilca - Puná
  • Indigenous Amazon Nationalities: A'I Cofán, Secoya, Siona, Huaorani, Shiwiar, Zápara, Achuar, Shuar, Kichwa Amazonia
  • Indigenous Nationalities Sierra: Karanki, Natabuela, Otavalo, Kayambi, Kitukara, Panzaleo, Chibuleo, Salasaca, Kichwa Tungurahua, Waranca, Puruhá, Kañari, Saraguro
  • Peoples in voluntary isolation: The Tagaeri, the Taromenane, and the Oñamenane, located in the provinces of Orellana and Pastaza in the Amazon.

Flora and fauna

Ecuador is a mega-diverse country where you can find impressive touristic places, the greatest diversity of species in fauna and flora convert to Ecuador in an exotic landscape country. It has protected areas for the conservation of biological diversity.

Ecuador a mega-diverse country

Ecuador is known as the country of the four worlds since it is comform by Coast, Highlands,  Amazon and Insular or Galapagos regions.

Ecuador's fauna

Ecuador has the highest diversity of birds, more than 1500 species, the country has preserved the environmental nature and is recognised in the world. It is the country with the most animal species in the region, its four regions collaborate for this advantage.

  • Mammals: capuchin monkeys, howler monkeys, dolphins, whales, spider monkeys, bearded monkeys, black panther, bears, guantas, jaguars, tigrillos, ocelots, pumas, sea lions, capybaras, tapir, and others.
  • Reptiles: sea turtles, alligators, iguanas, crocodiles, boas, anacondas, poisonous snakes, lizards, among others.
  • Birds: toucan, ibis, parakeets, penguins, macaws, parrots, songbirds, eagle, curiquingue, hummingbirds, frigates, cormorants, albatrosses, condor and others.
  • Fish: sharks
  • Amphibians: frogs

Ecuador animal symbol

Andean Condor: This bird lives at the Andes in South America.

It is a large black bird, with white feathers around the neck and parts of the wings, his read head lacks feathers, It is being able to change tone according to the emotional state of the bird.

Flora of Ecuador

The flora of Ecuador has a tropical forest that extends throughout most of its territory, while in the west, adjacent to the coast, there is the dry forest and mangroves. In the Andean heights, the Andean forests and moors are scattered.

Species symbol

  • Chuquirahua or Mountaineer's Flower: It is a native plant can be found in the upper parts of the mountains and only blooms in an average of twice in the year. This plant is basically a shrub that has a medium height, has its hard bark and its leaf has a spike in the shape of a tip that serves as a defense for the plant.

Ecuador Geography

Where is located Ecuador? It is in the American Continent, in the northeast of South America. What are the Biogeographic regions of Ecuador? It has 4 natural regions with a coast to the Ocean Pacific, Amazon, the Galapagos Islands and the Andes, which crosses the country from the north to the south, dividing the continental territory into three: the coast (between the Ocean Pacific and the mountains), the mountains (the Andean zone) and the Amazon (at the east of the mountains). In addition to this, the country has the island region (the Galapagos Islands). What is the hydrography of the coastal region? The Guayas River system which flows at the south of the Gulf of Guayaquil is the most important drainage system in the interior of the coast. The watershed of the Guayas River  has an area of 40,000 square of kilometers. The Guayas River, has a length of 60 kilometers and is located in the north of Guayaquil. As a resume, Guayaquil is crossed by the Guayas River that even cross through the small islands when it flows into the  Puná Island forming a large estuary. The second great river system is located over the Emerald coast, it rises in the Guayllabamba´s Pit in the Sierra like the Guayllabamba river and as it approaches further to the north, change its name to Emerald river and flows though the Ocean Pacific. The Esmeraldas River has 320 kilometers long. Ecuador is located in the parallel 0 this imaginary line is known as the equator, dividing the earth into two hemispheres northern n and southern.

Ecuador's history

Ecuador keeps a history full of both positive and negative changes for the nation. We invite you to learn through this crossing of Ecuador, from its origin to nowadays

Ecuador Economy

In 2000, Ecuador experienced a drastic economic change. It changes its currency from the Sucre to the dollar, it has being a positive change at the end increasing resources. It had been evidence  positive changes in health, education, hydroelectric, tourism and much more sectors. Therefore, we invite you to visit Ecuador, a country that today has a great tourist welcome.

Ecuador Population 2019

  • 16 855 304 Current population
  • 8 439 938 Current male population (50.1%)
  • 8 415 366 Current female population (49.9%)
  • 98 119 Births this year
  • 592 Births today
  • 23 871 Deaths this year
  • 144 Deaths today
  • -2 267 Net migration this year
  • -14 Net migration today
  • 71 982 Population growth this year
  • 434 Population growth today

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