Esmeraldas Tourist Places

Visit the Province of Esmeraldas - Ecuador, we show you its best tourist spots, the most visited beaches, gastronomy and more.

Emeralds , the Green Province

The Province of Esmeraldas is a great pillar for Tourism in Ecuador, since its beautiful beaches always have a large tourist influx on the most important dates of our country.

Muisne Canton

  • Muisne Beach: On Muisne Island, south of the province of Esmeraldas. They are confused with the beauty of its beaches and palm trees that enclose a tropical dreamlike landscape.
  • Mompiche Beach: Mompiche gives you a bit of everything: party and relaxation, nature and adventure, you will have to go through a culebrero road adorned by jungle trees to reach Mompiche and it will be worth it.
  • Marine Reserve Galera San Francisco: It houses organisms that have not yet been studied and that live refugees by coral forests, is the last stronghold of black coral reefs.
  • Mangrove Wildlife Refuge Muisne River Estuary: The mangroves in this area of ​​Esmeraldas are the last remnants of intertidal forests that remain, exemplifying the interdependence between a variety of sea and land organisms such as fish, crustaceans, molluscs and mainly birds.
  • San Francisco del Cabo Beach It is very common to visit the beaches for their handicrafts that occur in the place, additionally to their customs and traditions you can know their legends full of mysteries, enjoy a few days of warmth.
  • Real Life Adventure: In this sector you can also appreciate the natural gas deposits. The forest is made up of several hills belonging to the Atacames Mountains, through which the Estero de Plátano River flows through the Pacific Ocean.
  • The Beautiful Island: "Isla Bonita" as it is known, presents a landscape to the east, an estuarine entrance, with red, white, black and jelí mangrove walls, with calm and transparent waters.
  • Hidden Beach: Playa Escondida, this beautiful beach is an excellent place to enjoy and practice country tourism.
  • Banana Estuary Beach: Sector belonging to the Galera parish, perfect site for the sighting of humpback whales, in mating time.

Atacames Canton

  • Atacames Beach: It has an excellent hotel infrastructure. The tourist attraction in addition to its beaches is due its exuberant nature, and gastronomy which is added to the richness of afro Ecuadorian  folklore in its varied manifestations.
  • Súa Beach: The beach is like a large pool that allows tourists to bathe, swim and enjoy the tranquility of the sea. The restaurants located in this area have all the delights of the sea.
  • Tonsupa Beach: Tonsupa is inserted into the tourist activity because it is a sector with a peaceful beach, soft sand and magical surroundings. Its location makes it a true viewpoint with a view and wide area that can easily be captured by the lens of Tourists for the album of their memories.
  • Same Beach: It is a beautiful beach where tourists can enjoy the tranquility of the waters, a place to rest and enjoy the benefits of the sea.

San Lorenzo Canton

  • Bosque del Chocó: The area is characterized by its high biodiversity, endemism and scenic beauty in a context where colonization and logging progress.
  • Awá Awá territory: is located in the Chocó Region, it is inhabited mainly by three ethnic groups: Awá, Chachis and Afro-Ecuadorian groups, all distributed in 18 communities that make up the Federation of Awá Communities of Ecuador (FCA).
  • Mangrove Ecological Reserve Cayapas - Mataje: It is mainly characterized by its extensive mangrove forest, where the highest mangroves in the world rise.
  • La Tolita: In the area you can see several "tolas" or artificial mounds that served in some cases to secure the homes of the onslaught of the sea and in others, to bury their dead generally along with household utensils and other devices used by the deceased .
  • Cascade of Princess Tari: It is very visited by national and foreign tourists, with an imposing beauty that is manifested during the tour, its natural landscape allows several activities, more to its surroundings you can enjoy a delicious and relaxing bath since they have been discovered very striking small shores.
  • Island of the birds: Part of its surface is covered by capers and, as it is to be supposed, by a reddish mantle in constant movement, formed by fast and small crustaceans.

Esmeraldas Canton

  • Chachis or Cayapas: Its cultural identity stands out for its customs, traditions and especially for the Chapalá language, which transmits from generation to generation despite the influence of civilization and the Catholic religion.
  • Marimba - Afro Music and Dance: One of the most colorful and appreciated cultural manifestations by local communities is the interpretation of the "Esmeraldas Marimba”.
  • Las Palmas Beach: It has a wide range of tourist services mainly on the pier, which allows the traveler to enjoy sun, sand, sea and breeze during the day and at night to get distracted to the rhythm of music in its different places of fun.
  • Museum of Regional Archeology: The museum offers an archeological exhibition, which highlights beautiful vessels decorated with zoomorphic motifs (figures of men with animal heads), belonging to the Tolita culture, the American Indian center for cultural diversity.
  • Camarones Beach: Is located on the route that leads to Río Verde and is a beach covered with snails, crabs and crabs.
  • Achilube Beach: In its surroundings we can find interesting and striking attractions that gives a special touch to the beaches, on the other hand we can enjoy a beautiful view from the hotels.
  • Shrine Our Lady of Loreto: In the Shrine is the image of the Virgin that rests in a niche built in wood and decorated with gold leaf.

Quinindé Canton

  • Laguna de Cube: It is a permanent continental lagoon that is located in the southern eastern limit of the Mache-Chindul mountain range, south of the Chocó bioregion.
  • Chachi: Its living cultural identity highlights the Chapalá language, which is transmitted from generation to generation despite the influence of civilization and the Catholic religion.

Canton Eloy Alfaro

Rioverde Canton

  • Rocafuerte: The Afro population marks their presence in the survival of their ancestral customs, in terms of religious beliefs, the syncretic way of celebrating their festivities professing their religiousness.
  • Africa Beach: It is the northernmost beach in the Province of Esmeraldas. It also belongs to the canton of Río Verde and the closest urban towns are Montalvo 4 km away and Río Verde 30 km away.
  • Africa Museum: In Africa beach, in the north of Esmeraldas, the tourist activity takes place around archeology. In this area of ​​the Montalvo parish, in the Rioverde canton, the presence of archaeological remains attracts tourists, especially foreigners.
  • Paufí: Located north of the province of Esmeraldas, in Río Verde, a few minutes from the Africa Beach. It is a lonely beach that offers a charming tranquility and is recommended for a very natural rest.
  • Bocana de Ostiones: In the middle of the cliffs, the sea forms a lagoon that is used by the inhabitants of Bocana de Ostiones, to bathe. It is one of its main tourist sites of that emerald zone.


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