Pichincha Province

Pichincha a province of the highlands region, its mountains and valleys have incomparable landscapes that mix a bit of all the areas of Ecuador.


Province of volcanoes in the middle of the world

The province was created on March 23, 1824.

Pichincha is the largest administrative, economic and financial center of Ecuador, since it is the headquarters of almost all government agencies, banks and 60 of the 100 largest companies in the country. The province was founded with the independence of Ecuador and in Gran Colombia, it would be one of the first 7 provinces that were created in the process of independence.

Pichincha is located in the highlands region. Named for the Pichincha, a volcanic fortress that welcomes the city of Quito to its skirts it is limited to the north with Imbabura, to the south with Cotopaxi, to the east with the provinces of Sucumbios and Napo and to the west with Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas.

Cantons of Pichincha

It is divided into 8 cantons:

  1. Puerto Quito ,
  2. Pedro Vicente Maldonado,
  3. Los Bancos ,
  4. Mejia ,
  5. Rumiñahui ,
  6. Pedro Moncayo ,
  7. Cayambe ,
  8. Metropolitan District of Quito , which concentrates the largest amount of parishes (Alangasí, Amaguaña, Atahualpa, Calacalí, Calderón, Conooto, Cumbayá, Chavezpamba, Czech, Guayllabamba, Gualea, Guangopolo, El Quinche, La Merced, Llano Chico, Llano Grande, Lloa, Nanegal, Nanegalito, Nayón, Nono, Pacto, Perucho, Pomasqui, Píntag, Puéllaro, Puembo, Pifo, San Antonio de Pichincha, San José from Minas, Tumbaco, Tababela, Yaruquí and Zámbiza).

Pichincha tourism

Pichincha tourist attractions

  • Nambillo River Waterfall
  • Blue Waterfall
  • Ecological Reserve of Los Ilinizas
  • Great waterfall of the Pita River
  • Cayambe volcano
  • Nambillo River Waterfall
  • Guayllabamba Zoo
  • Jerusalem dry forest
  • Seeing
  • Half of the world
  • Machachi

Much of the tourist attraction lies in its climatic richness and geographical, since less than two hours of travel, from the Andean area you can find places with subtropical climate, primary forests, water fountains, etc. Pichincha has a wealth of tourist attractions throughout of its territory that will certainly not give you time to rest.

Pichincha gastronomy

The offer is varied and usually depends on the place we visit the province, the typical food of Pichincha presents the following dishes:

  • Dry goat (Quito)
  • Yahuarlocro (Quito)
  • Chili pepper (Quito)
  • Empanadas de Viento (Quito)
  • Leg broth (the whole province)
  • Lamb roast (Cayambe)
  • Cakes (Cayambe)
  • Colada de Churos (Middle of the World)
  • Roast beef (Canton Mejía)
  • Fried Pork (Pedro Vicente Maldonado)
  • Ají de Cuy (Pedro Vicente Maldonado)
  • Fried Pork (Rumiñahui Canton)
  • Guinea Pig Colada (Pedro Moncayo)
  • Broth of Galllina Criolla (San Miguel de los Bancos)
  • Tilapia (Puerto Quito Canton )

Pichincha Culture

The festivals and traditions of the province are related to the past and deep miscegenation of Pichincha and the following are the most popular regional festivals:

Pichincha Weather

The climate of Pichincha will always vary due to the mountain range of Andes by height.

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