Middle of the World

The Middle of the World city in Ecuador is located in Quito the capital of Ecuador, discover in this article everything you can find, all its tourist attractions, how to get there, entrance fee, timetables and more.

Middle of the World Ecuador

Middle of the World Town

In the parish of San Antonio de Pichincha, the Middle of the World  Town is located only 14 kilometers from the city of Quito.

The Middle of the World

Middle of the World Town - Today it is a city significant tourist attraction, it is also the opportunity to photograph yourself in both hemispheres at the same time, level an egg on a nail without needing to hold it, you will also be able to weigh one kilo less in difference to other places.

Middle of the World how to get there

You must arrive at Manuel Córdova Galarza Avenue, near the UNASUR headquarters.

From the South of Quito

        Cost: 0.40 Middle of the World - 0.25 Corridor or San Carlos

        Route: From Mariscal Sucre Avenue (Occidental) to San Antonio de Pichincha

  • Option 1: Take from the Corredor Sur that reaches the height La Gasca (Av. Mariscal Sucre) or one that reaches the bus stop Mitad del Mundo that is in the Hospital del Seguro (Avenida 18 de Septiembre and América). Here you can take the bus that goes directly to the Middle of the World.
  • Option 2: Take a San Carlos bus down to El Condado Shoping and here take Mitad del Mundo bus.

    From the North of Quito

        Cost: 0,25 Metro Bus and 0,15 Feeder

        Route: Av. la Prensa or Av. América - La Ofelia - Mitad del Mundo

  • Take a Metrobus at any of its stops at Avenida la Prensa and Avenida América, reach the Ofelia station.
  • Option 1: Take the Half of the World - Kartodrome feeder


Middle of the World Quito

If you are going to visit Middle of  the world we leave you the following recommendations:

  • Do not take the Middle of the world feeders that arrive in La Pampa and the Bicentennial city before reaching Middle of the World.
  • If you are going to take San Carlos buses make sure that it is only the ones that go down to El Condado Shoping, don't take other routes.
  • If you go by car the place has several parking nearby.

Middle of the World Quito Timetables

  • Monday to Sunday from 9:00 to 18:00



Middle of the World Entrance

Full pass ticket $7.50. Includes entrance to the park and entrance to all museums:

Middle of the World Museum

  • Cocoa Museum
  • This place known as the cocoa square where you can buy the most delicious chocolates, made with caco fine aroma.
  • Museum Huts
  • Ancestral dwellings that allow you to go back in time and discover the customs and traditions of the ancient settlers.
  • Train Station
  • You will know the train, icon of tourism in Ecuador
  • Middle of the World Monument
  • The Equatorial Monument, this impressive monument erected in the Middle City of the World, and many tourists relate it to Ecuador.


Middle of the World Attractions

  • Mitad del Mundo Ethnographic Museum:

    Here you can find components that are part of the Indigenous Culture Ecuador:

  • Clothing
  • Ethnic Groups
  • Activities
  • Stone carved busts of members of the Geodesic Mission located east of the monument.
  • Pomasqui Towns traditions, San Antonio de Pichincha and Calacalí.
  • Insectarium here you can see several insects with their respective names and place of origin.
  • Museum of Handcrafted Beer A delicious drink that will quench your thirst.
  • Planetarium Knowledge of 60's technology
  • Colonial Quito The beautiful architecture of Quito's historic centre
  • Cultural Pavilions Valuable presentations in dance and culture will be fun.
  • Restaurant.  Middle of the World Places where you will be able to enjoy the most varied typical food of Ecuador.
  • In these places you will be able to acquire souvenirs, fine fabrics, typical clothes, etc.

What should you know?

There are 4 sites that you can place your foot in the two hemispheres at the same time these places are:



  • Catequilla
  • Sacred place and where it has been verified that it is the true half of the world, since in this place it marks the latitude 0º 0' 0".
  • Guachalá
  • It is said that the geodesic mission was installed here.
  • Calacalí
  • It was here that the first monument to half the world was made.
  • Middle of the World Town
  • It has a slight variation of the latitude 0º 0' 0". but this tourist place of Quito is one of the most relevant, it possesses culture, knowledge, tradition, etc.

Middle of the World Monument

In the Middle of the World this is the monument that makes reference to the two hemispheres, North and South, separated by the equatorial line, in this figure in the tip can be observed a metal sphere representing with it the planet earth.

In the internal part of the monument is the Equatorial Museum, to cross this museum you will have to climb 9 floors and at the end of the tour you will find a viewpoint that will allow you to appreciate the Middle of the World Ecuador in all its splendor.

On weekends the place is used to make artistic and cultural presentations, as well as the celebration of four important dates during the year:

  • Spring Equinoxes
  • Autumn Equinox
  • Winter Solstices
  • Summer Solstices

Those who visit the place have the opportunity to taste the Ecuadorian gastronomy and to be able to take home a nice souvenir, all this will be found in the surrounding places.

Middle of the World Date of Creation

18th century

The French Geodesic Mission arrives in Ecuador to establish the position of the Equatorial Line dividing the world into North and South.

April 2, 1979

Pichincha Provincial Council decides to start with the work, with cement and iron covered with polished andesite stone.

Year 1936

Eng. Luís Tufiño carries out the work of constructing the monument as a way of commemorating the 200 years since the arrival of the Geodesic Mission.

What does the Middle of the world mean?

It means that it is the exact place where the Equatorial Line is marked, which divides the world into the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

When was the Middle of the World monument built?

In 1936 by Eng. Luís Tufiño and with the support of the Franco-American Committee.


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